Corona Daze: Eva's time at home during Covid-19

Corona Daze: Eva's time at home during Covid-19
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Jennifer Angel
Publisher Name
Jennifer Angel
Age Range
Release Date
October 20, 2020

"Angel's artwork is an inspirational blend of photographic images and cartoon illustrations that captures quite eloquently the disconnect between reality and the new reality of the pandemic. Corona Daze is most highly recommended." -Readers' Favorite (starred review)

When the Coronavirus pandemic hits, five-year-old Eva has to stay at home ... and stay ... and stay. She can't do any of the things she usually would be able to do, like go to school or see her grandma and grandpa. But, she can do her part by learning how to wear a mask, social distance, wash and sanitize her hands, and stay at home. As the bad news from the outside gets worse, with the angry politics and rising death tolls, will she ever learn to be brave and find the good in each day when there is so much to worry about?

Written to explain the situation to her own daughter, Jennifer Angel takes a straightforward approach that opens the door to discuss the pandemic and all the feelings that come along with quarantining. Told through black and white pictures with digital doodles, this book addresses the serious subject of a virus happening in real time today.

While we don't have an ending to this story yet, this picture book shows the fight against this virus can be won by staying inside, staying safe, and trying to stay positive. Because even when things can feel overwhelming at times, it's important to remember, tomorrow is a new day.

More information is available at and Instagram @jenangel_author

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