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Beauty Mark: A Verse Novel of Marilyn Monroe
(Updated: May 27, 2020)
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What worked: Haunting, tragic tale of the life of Marilyn Monroe, told in verse which gives a powerful punch to the story behind the legend.

The story starts at the very beginning of Marilyn's life. Back then she was Norma Jean. Her life was filled with loss-she didn't know her father; was in and out of foster care; forced into an early marriage; and craving to be loved.

Her own mother ended up in a psych ward for mental illness. The novel shows what lead to her break and the long road to being 'famous' and at what cost.

Little known facts on her life-Marilyn stuttered and had Meniere's disease. Also she loved to read and better herself. She invented the Marilyn Monroe fans loved, but she craved to be loved. Another fact was that she made then husband Joe DiMaggio promise to put flowers on her grave each week if she died before him. And he did. She wanted to learn the craft and become a better actress and studied method acting with Lee Strasberg.

Tragic, haunting look into the 'real' Marilyn Monroe told in verse.
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1. Haunting tale of the life of Marilyn Monroe
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October 05, 2020
Thanks for the fabulous review. Here's the book trailer--perhaps my best yet. The book ain't bad either. Share it and tag me on Facebook (@carole.weatherford) or Twitter (poetweatherford) by October 7, 2020 to win a copy of the book.
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