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Young Adult Nonfiction 906
Click A Story of Cyberbullying
(Updated: December 11, 2018)
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This is a graphic novel adaptation of a real teen's experience of being bullied online.

What worked: This is sure to resonate with teen readers as some might relate with Alexandra's story of being bullied on social media. Her story leads up to what caused the bullying from those she thought were friends. It shows the aftermath of a bad choice made in the heat of anger and the consequences that followed.

The illustrations show Alexandra once being happy and liking herself and then her feelings suddenly change when her so-called friends and even a mother harass her online.

I did think some of the beginning was a tad bit dramatic and revealed too much. Also it tended to be a little too preachy at times. The rest of the story though is one that teens deal with 24/7. The problem with posting everything online is that those photos never goes away. Alexandra finds this out the hard way. Unlike some teens with similar issues, her family is very supportive and helps her through the ordeal. Her biggest message is for other teens to be careful with what they post and to realize that social media can be an double edge sword.

At the end is Alexandra's story now. Her message is one of hope.

Sure to appeal to teens who want to read on current problems that are told by their peers. The graphic novel format adds to it's appeal.
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