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The Confidence Code for Girls is an empowering read every girl should have in their arsenal. So many girls struggle with confidence, learning to cope with being a woman in a world hell bent on making them feel like they are never good enough, pretty enough or smart enough.
I remember finally learning “the lesson” when I was in my twenties. This “lesson” is something every girl eventually gets—learning to be comfortable in her own skin. I wasted a lot of years failing to see that I was just who I needed to be all along. But that was the 90s and books like this one didn’t exist yet.
The Confidence Code deals with every possible topic a young girl will face on her journey to learn that lesson. From building great friendships and avoiding toxic ones, learning to navigate the pitfalls of the world of social media, to dealing with the desire to be perfect in every way, Kay and Shipman really tackle it all and they do it in a way that will inspire girls to become strong and confident women.
I did find the interior design of the book to be a little over the top. It’s cute and fun with lots of graphics, cartoons and decorative fonts, but as a whole, it felt a bit like “everything but the kitchen sink” was included in regards to the design of the book.
At an age when asking for help is often difficult, every young girl should have a guidebook such as this one to reach for in times of need. I would highly recommend The Confidence Code for Girls to girls ages 7-10. The publisher recommends ages 8 to 12, but the voice and tone of the book scales a bit younger than that, and some older girls might not benefit as much from the material as those on the younger end of that spectrum.
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