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Life Inside My Mind
(Updated: July 02, 2018)
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This is a raw, honest portrayal of YA authors struggles with mental health. Thirty-one authors share their stories which include experiences with depression, OCD, PSTD, bipolar disorder, chemical addiction, and anxiety. Each story doesn't hold back and in doing so shows that it's okay to admit you struggle with mental health. By doing this, the stigma against mental health is decreased.

Some stories:

Ellen Hopkins's shares the story of her taking care of her grandchildren from her meth addicted daughter. This heart-wrenching tale shares one of her grandchildren's struggles with mental health. Mostly though this tale shows the power of hope and love.

Jennifer Armentrout's story rang so true to my own struggles with depression. That one person's battles might not be someone else's and we shouldn't be quick to judge others who don't have similar experiences.

Jessica Burkhart's tale is very honest and raw on anxiety and the daily battle with a prescription.

Melissa Marr nails how it is to live with PSTD.

Tara Kelly's portrayal of living with anxiety includes things that have helped her like mediation, yoga, and exercise. But I totally love how she mentions knowing that there's no magic cure and to be okay with that.

Finally, I loved how Cindy Rodriguez points out the discrepancy of how movies, TV shows, books don't show Latinos struggling with mental health issues with the reality. National health organizations report Latinxs are at a higher risk for depression than other minorities, but most of those with mental health issues don't get treatment.

There's other stories of author's struggles with anxiety that resonated so much with me. It really helps to know that you're not the only one who might deal with mental health issues. I also loved that these authors were able to share their own experiences.

Unflinching look into YA authors who deal with their mental health issues. By doing this, hopefully it will open up a honest and nonjudgmental discussion about mental health and lessen the terrible stigma that continues to follow it.
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1. Raw, honest portrayal of YA authors struggles with mental health
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