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This cookbook hits the perfect balance of being as entertaining to read as it is delicious to cook out of! With a snarky bent toward "kill 'em with kindness," it's chock full of decadent recipes that will either make your ex rue the day your relationship ended or allow you to eat your feelings in solitary deliciousness. I tested the "You're Such a Flake Butterfinger Bars," and the helpful/humorous recipe notes allowed me to successfully make a treat that required both scalding cream and caramelizing sugar, neither of which I'd ever done. After all, who could mistake "until it smokes and froths like a rabid dog" as the finishing point for caramelization? With a range of recipe difficulties, bold design elements, striking photography, and hilarious additions like dating profiles for different types of sugars/nuts/flours, "Sweet Revenge" will delight both seasoned bakers and casual cooks.

Thanks to BookishFirst for sending an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Excellent photography, tasty results
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