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SWEET REVENGE is sweet and deliciously vengeful that I wanted to gobble up all of the recipes. It's full of passive-aggressive desserts for your exes and enemies that look yummy. Instead of giving the desserts away, I prefer to keep them for myself.

SWEET REVENGE was created to take out the pain of an ex-boyfriend or the betrayal of a friend and turn it into a scrumptious dessert that you can stuff your face with. Cooking is a healthy way to handle stress, better than taking the fight online.

I loved the conversions in the front and that the recipes had a difficulty level. I enjoyed the overall theme of the book and that the recipes were cleverly named for it. For example, "I'm Not Your Buttercup" and "You're as Nutty as a Fruitcake". I also loved that the recipes also had little notes of advice.

Final Verdict: I loved the concept of this cookbook and that it's a good way to take out anger. Plus, you also get something delicious from it. I made the "Stop Texting Me You Crepe" and it was so yummy. I would recommend this to all teens because they will all face these problems at one point. What's better than desserts after a hard time? I just would keep the desserts for myself and not give them to that annoying ex.
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