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I admit I never really like nonfiction. Talking about the world, this world that we live in, is definitely something hard to swallow. We can't list all of the problems on our fingers and toes, and even when we try to do good, it never seems enough. But it's progress. And that is exactly what Clinton's new book shows. She illuminates a light in the darkest parts of the world that few even knows about and gives the slightest of hope.

Chelsea talks about a lot of things. Topics include poverty, money, water, feminism, diseases, inequality, cancer, autism, water, energy, charity, governments and their influence over their citizens, child brides, human trafficking, water, and food. Oh, and have I mentioned water? (Chelsea highlights the fact that water is the most important thing to life. Multiple times in multiple chapters.) With such topics, it's clear that the book will get depressing and sorrowful. For that, I suggest readers to read IT'S YOUR WORLD bit by bit. It's incredibly hard to swallow in one sitting.

The writing remains simple and clean, and the book is very casual. Clinton isn't without her subtle opinions, but she is as neutral as possible. Weaving in topics and points of discussion with her experience (i.e. trips to India and various parts of the world), she makes the book much more interesting and passionate. Helpful charts, pictures, and maps make IT'S YOUR WORLD easier to understand, though some pictures and charts should be printed in color (not black and white, which makes it very unclear to interpret).

Kids will easily understand the larger world around them. Chelsea has helpfully provided a list of charities and ways to fight against world hunger (or human trafficking or child labor, etc.), and I'm constantly inspired by what the kids Chelsea name in the book are doing out of the kindness of their hearts. They are younger and smarter than me!

The ending is full of hope, and the last chapter remains to be the greatest of all the chapters in the book. Seriously.

Overall, IT'S YOUR WORLD is the type of nonfiction book I rarely read. But by chance (and more), I read this book - and I totally love it. It's perfect for kids who want to know about the larger world they are living in and the adults who don't mind gaining another perspective. By the end, Chelsea will have them saying, "It's really a great big world out there."

Rating: Four out of Five
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