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What I originally thought was just poor lighting due to a tight budget, was actually done in post production. I think it was a poor choice. It was suppose to represent the coldness of Edward, but it just makes the movie look cheap. The blue tone also just really bothers me. I’m not sure why, but my eyes just find it displeasing.

Another post production effect that looks bad is the infamous vampire sparkle. That’s one thing that should have been awesome! It’s probably one of the most memorable (and made fun of) aspects of this whole series! When Edward reveals himself to Bella, he just looks sweaty. Semi-sparkly, but mostly sweaty. Also why does he sound like a wind chime? Apparently his skin is musical also. I laugh ever time I hear those chimes. I can’t help it! Even the “meadow scene” was ruined for me by the whimsical chimes and glitter-sweat. Oh well.

More aesthetic type comments, but in regards to the cast. First, Rosalie’s hair. You all know what I’m talking about! The dark roots with the pale blond locks. How could they not notice that?! But her shoes…OMG those shoes she’s wearing when Bella comes over…I want them! I need them! Holy crap! Sorry, I love shoes (even though I prefer to be barefoot). Okay, back to the subject of hair…Jacob’s wig. Enough said. Now on to more beautiful things. While most girls were fawning over Robert Pattison, I only had eyes for Ashley Greene. Where had she been all my life?! Team Alice all the way! Seriously, she’s hot and I think she was the best casting decision in the entire franchise. Not because she’s super hot, but I feel like she IS Alice. Perfection.

Aside from casting Ashley Greene as Alice, I also loved the choices that they made for Laurent, James, and Victoria. I think the actors were fantastic, but I also liked how wardrobe put them in seemingly random pieces of clothing rather than the distressed backpacker look. The idea that they take articles of clothing from their victims was a very nice touch, and I loved James added line of “Nice jacket” when they attack the guy in the boat. Great stuff!

Perhaps I should comment on the actual story now, huh? Well, I liked how they stuck very close to the book. In fact, I probably like it better than the book, since it wasn’t so drawn out. I think it was a great choice to move time forward by skipping all of that Girls’ Choice Dance stuff and jumping straight to prom. Although it’s a shame to miss Edward backing up traffic to allow Tyler to ask Bella to the dance. The addition of the field trip was kind of interesting. I liked it, but it also kind of bugged me, since it’s not in the book, but whatever.
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