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I went and saw this in theaters 2 nights after it came out. I read all the books, and was honestly excited to see how the movie captured the personalities of the book (or at least the little that was there..ahem..Jacob.)

The row behind me and my friends was full of a couple guys we went to high school with. Which is weird in itself. What dudes are just like, "hey, man. Let's go see that new vampire movie. It looks legit", or at least I'm assuming that's how they decided to go see Twilight on the same night we were.

Anyways, I mention those boys (football playing boys, at that!!) because they were the entertainment the entire movie. They gave a running commentary of Bella's lack of enthusiasm and when things started to get sexy with Edward, they were more than inappropriate. (Maybe there were tying to defuse the awkwardness of 2 dudes seeing a vampire romance at 10 o'clock at night).

So yea. As for the transition from book to movie, it was almost a perfect cross over. I think they chose a decent cast, and the soundtrack is actually one of my favorites.
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