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What Does It Take to Be a Warrior?
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I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior is based on Wasdin's memoir Seal Team Six. It tells a story of a man who overcame many obstacles in his life, never letting the words "You can't" stop him.

Wasdin overcame a rough childhood. Nothing that would be described as idyllic. What is most inspiring is the fact that Wasdin places no blame the adults in his childhood. There were obstacles, he overcame them, they made him the man he is today. He truly is an inspiration.

To me is is a great message not only to young adults but for any reader. Life isn't always what you want in to be, but every experience, ever obstacle can help you overcome others in your future. As Wasdin says, his " father's harshness to me as a child had prepared me for difficulties like this." Readers will relive those difficulties with Wasdin and see exactly what it took for him to overcome them.

I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior, makes the life of a Navy SEAL accessible to young readers. It doesn't gloss over the horrors of war, but presents it in a way that is appropriate for younger readers. Wasdin tells about his experiences in Desert Storm,Somalia, and Mogadishu. He also writes about the importance of not becoming blind to the humanity of what the media/society calls "the other side."

What truly makes a warrior? Wasdin goes through a difficult journey to find out his personal answer. What is yours? Read I Am a Seal Team Six Warrior to find out.

Best for middle school readers and up. Great read for any reader interested in what it takes to become a Navy SEAL.
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