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By Nicola Thomson
A Child Called It
I have recently read, enjoyed and fully understood a wonderful novel called A Child Called It written by the talented Dave Pelzer this book is a true account of a boy called David from the ages four to twelve.
The book takes place in the past in the 1970s in California. I know this as it tells me 5 March 1973, Daly City, California. The main events happen at Davids home. Because it was set at home it was easy to understand.
The book began in the house that David lived in. Ive got to finish the dishes on time, otherwise no breakfast; and since I didnt have dinner last night, I have to make sure I get something to eat. She catches me with my hands out of the water. SMACK! Mother hits me in the face, and I topple to the floor. David was a coward who tried not to give in to his mother, although he knew if he was too late or did not do a good job of the chores he would be hurt in some way physical. At school David would steel out of lunch boxes, David would often be in some sort of trouble at school. One day when he was late the nurse wanted to have a good look at him, because he had another bump on his head. She got the same excuse as always oh I ran in to the hall door &&& By accident. David was asked to take his clothes of. It was not the first time he had done it. She counts the slash-like marks on my face, looking for some she might have missed in the past. As she continues to look me over, she stops at the scar on my stomach. The days to follow were not all doom and gloom for some of the teachers had asked for a policeman to come and take David away from his family from all the abusing. The policeman asked David about his scars, then he took him from the school to the police station where the police man telephoned Davids mum to say: Mrs Pelzer, this is Officer Smith from Daly City Police Department. Your son David will not be coming home today. He will be in custody of the San Mateo Juvenile Department. If you have any questions, you can phone them. During Davids life he had had many horrible things happen to him. He had been nearly starved for ten consecutive days. He had been made to eat his little brother Russells soiled nappies. The list of repulsive things that happened to could go on forever.
David was stabbed by his mother. The summer of 1971 set the tone for the remainder of the time that I lived with my mother. I had not reached my eleventh birthday, but for the most part I knew what forms of punishment to expect. David had not eaten for 3 days; his mother was going to feed him some of the remainders of food that was on the plates from the familys dinner. All he had to do was clean the dishes and put them away in 20 minutes. Then he would have 2 minutes to eat the food. As I looked at her, mother snatched a carving knife from the counter top and screamed, If you dont finish on time, I am going to kill you! David had been stabbed by his mother while his brother was chanting Davids going to die! On her knees, mother was hastily applying a thick was of gauze to a place on my stomach where red blood was pumped out. David knew it was an accident, he wanted mother to know he forgave her but he knew if he done that she might punish him.
David Pelzer was the most important character in the book The Child Called It. The whole book was about him and what is horrendous mother done to him. His mother made him drink water with Clorox in it this made his throat and tongue go red raw. Davids mother would put Ammonia and Clorox in the bath while David was to clean the bathroom. Every so often David would go up to the vent and take in a big breath of air. Davids mother done this again but she turned the vent of. David could have died. David was a worried and cowardly sort of boy. He was scared by his horrid mother.
This book had interesting relationships, between David and his mother, David and his family, David and His teachers and Davids Mother and His teachers. This book had an exciting plot which was easy to follow. The text was very easy to under stand. If I was to give this book a mark out of ten I would have to give it ten. This book really took my fancy. From the moment I picked up the book till I put it down I enjoyed it. I could not put the book down it was so fantastic.
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