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A Child Called "It"
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Reader reviewed by cameron

Dave Pelzer based this book on his childhood. He was between ages 5 and 11. His mom, dad, and brothers are in his life at the time. David is abused and gets hit and kicked thought the years by his mother. His dad just sits and watches because he knows if the says something David with get hit worse. This story takes place at Davids house in the 1960s.

            This book is non-fiction and is the only book in the series. My favorite line in the book is I sneaked away to the garage faucet and filled my stomach with water. The main theme of the book is abuse. Ages 12-18 mostly read this book but adults read it to. This book won The New York Times Best Seller award. Another book that I would recommend The Lost Boy. The Child Called It is a really good book you should really read it might remind you that life doesnt always go the way you want it.

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