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The Child called "It"
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The Child Called It

Dave Pelzer wrote the book, The Child Called It. This book is a story about a kid named Dave, but he is called It by his abusive mother. Dave is abused by his mother. His mom ended up getting a mental disease that made her very mean. She also ended up with an alcohol problem. Dave had four younger brothers. The brothers finally stepped in to help, but they couldnt do much otherwise they would start getting abused to if they got too involved. Dave told the nurse at school what was going on, so they took him away, but they just gave him right back to his abusive mother.

This is a Non-fiction book. It took place in there home, and school. Dave Pelzer has three other books about his abusive life. A Man Named Dave, The Lost Boy, and Help Yourself. I havent read them, but I bet theyre very good books. The child called it has won many awards but the best award was The Pulitzer Prize. My favorite line, or quote in the book is Once again, another night in the basement on the cot. The main characters are his mother, Catherine Pelzer, his brothers are. Stan, Ron, Russell, and Kevin, and the dad Stephan Pelzer. And Dave the Narrarator and the main character. Catherine, and Stephan are married, but Stephan is losing his relationship between the two. The huge catastrophe is Dave getting abused and the dad just sitting back watching.

You should really read this book, because you can understand how serious child abuse is. This is a very good book. This book is recommended for teens.

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