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Reader reviewed by Dan Miller

Breif Summary: The book A Man Named Dave is about a young man's battle to survive through his life having to face the problems of death, parenting, and life itself.

As a child, the young man, Dave was abused and did not learn many key things about growing up normally and making his own decisions. It teaches you that no matter how unlucky you think you are, you can always fight back and be happy. This book is the third book in a trilogy. To read it you have to read the first two books, A Child Called "It" and The Lost Boy.

Opinion: A Man Named Dave is a very good book. My favorite character is Dave's wife Patsy because she doesn't take life seriously until she finally realizes how serious life is when she has her son, Stephen. My favorite part is when Dave plays with his son, Stephen because it shows how bad Dave's parents were and how good of a parent Dave could be.

Recommendation: A Man Named Dave is an autobiography. I would recommend it to children (boys and girls) ages 12 and above because their is some violence when Dave has flashbacks of his childhood. Overall A Man Named Dave is an excellent and well-written book.
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