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The Monster awaits. . .
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Reader reviewed by Crimin

The monster is reaching out, flexing its white claws near your throat.  It wants to take hold of you, to strangle you, to suffocate you with want and need.  But dont allow it to even graze the skin of your neck, dont let it come the close to you.   Dont sacrifice yourself for its deadly kiss.

Too bad no one warned Kristian about the monster or about its addictive destruction.  Too bad no one stood by her to yank her back from its world.   Too bad no one noticed before it was too late, before her other half, Bree, took control.

The Monster, for you who are confused, is Crank.  Cocaine, Glass, Ice -- it has a lot of names, but its always the same white powder.   

Ive always been a fan of Ellen Hopkins, so this was a no-brainer read for me.  I bought it and read it within a day, loving each twist and turn and sour note this book offered to me.  Im just surprised it took me so long to get Crank and its squeal, Glass.   

Trust me, even if you hate poetry, youll love Hopkins.  Go and pick up one of her books, read it, and tell me if I was wrong.

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