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It isnt very often that I have the opportunity to read a childrens book that I know parents and teens will enjoy just as much as children. Fortunately, Princess Bubble is one of those books.

Princess Bubble has just graduated from college and takes a job as a flight attendant in order to travel the world. She buys a her own castle, and invites all her princess friends over for all sorts of celebrations. Soon all her Princess friends are getting married and living happily ever after. But Princess Bubble just cant seem to find her own Prince Charming. Whats a princess to do?

Offering a positive message for todays girls, this book is a wonderful addition to any library. It teaches us that we can find happily ever after our own way, rather than by doing what others tell us to do. Parents are likely to enjoy the story just as much as their daughters, as well as girls of all ages. My favorite part was the illustrations, which are absolutely beautiful. The book also has several examples of artwork from real Princess Bubble fans, which gives it a personal touch.

Recommended for princesses of all ages, especially those age 8 and up!
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