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Persephone "Phe" Archer has had a hard time after the drowning death of her sister. After a series of dreams, she decides to go to Devenish Prep in Shadow Hills, Massachusetts, the place mentioned in her sister's diary.

Once there she finds the same graveyard that she'd seen in her dreams. She finds most of the people died of a plague in the 1700s. She also stumbles into Zach, a hottie with a secret. Phe searches to find out how the graveyard ties in with her dreams. The town is hiding secrets. Secrets Phe is determined to find even if it might cost her her life.

I really enjoyed this paranormal thriller where a town hides secrets. Phe's dreams lead her to Shadow Hills where a graveyard has some answers to the mysterious dreams she's been having. I really liked Phe and her determination to find out why her recently deceased sister was also drawn to Devenish Prep. The townies are an interesting bunch with their super human abilities. The townies and their 300 year old secret is intriguing. The whole gene mutation theory gives this story an almost sci fi feel. I could see the reason for the townie's mistrust of outsiders and why they would want to hold on to their secret. Phe's connection is hinted at but if there's a sequel I hope it's fleshed out more.

I also loved the relationship between Phe and Zach. Zach at first tries to ignore the chemistry between both of them but later ignores the townies warnings. They're like two magnets, they can't help but be together. Both Phe and Zach have the forbidden romance going for them which fans of Twilight will love.

This engrossing tale had me wanting more! It's addictive like chocolate. One chapter isn't enough! But what do you expect from Egmont Publishers? This story won't disappoint. Highly recommended for those who love paranormal romance/thrillers!
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