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Lucy's mother has a dirty little secret. She's a hoarder. Tons of trash and junk flood her house. No one knows what inside Lucy's house. She makes sure of that by being careful to not let anyone inside. Once she wasn't so careful and ended up being labeled 'garbage girl' at her private school.

Now she only has two more years until graduation when she can leave the mess her mother has made and start her own life. Then tragedy strikes. Something so unexpected she doesn't know what to do and fears that her carefully hidden secret will leak out. How far will she go to hide her family's secrets?

Wow. This book is unlike any I've read. I totally could relate with Lucy and her fear of others finding out about her mother's hoarding. In my own childhood, I was embarrassed for others to see what it was like inside my house but I never lived in the mess Lucy did. Her reaction--to do anything to make sure others didn't find out--is totally realistic. I also loved how the author showed the emotions that Lucy felt going through a life time of junk. Lucy's other sibling's reactions were equally realistic--the older sister, who's in denial and tries to be the 'favorite daughter' to the brother, who runs away from the situation. There's always one in the family who ends up being the one who has to deal and grow up fast.

I was glued to this story! Lucy's emotions and conflicts kept me wanting to know how she'd handle a terrible situation.

I was so excited about getting a chance to review this book, I took it to my local library and shared it. The head librarian was very excited and other librarians came over in what ended up being a very lively discussion on hoarding and what it must be like for the children of those who live this way.

A must read! Sure to generate discussion and interest in the TV series HOARDERS. But also equally interesting in showing how a teen deals with a difficult situation.
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