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A deadly secret
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Out of the blue, Daniel Kalbi comes back into Grace Divine's life. It's been three years since his disappearance. Grace still doesn't know what happened that fateful night only that her brother Jude was on their porch covered in blood.

Now Daniel is back and all those forgotten feelings come rushing back. Not everyone is happy to see him, including her family and brother Jude, who hasn't forgiven him. Grace tries to fight her growing attraction to Daniel while trying to stay loyal to her brother.

Among all this is the secret no one will tell her. What exactly happened that night? As Grace gets closer to Daniel, the truth of what happened involves a secret almost too horrific for her to accept. Will she be able to save the one she loves? Even if this means she might lose her soul?

Once again Egmont has a winner! This story has it all--romance, tension, mythology, and a twist on the whole prodigal brother tale.

Grace's struggles to accept her feelings for Daniel while remaining loyal to her brother feel real. What makes it even harder is her religious background and being the daughter of the local pastor especially when the 'truth' is revealed. The conflict of the 'revelation' and what she'd been taught from her religious background would make anyone confused.

The story arc moves right along. Right to the choice Grace has to make at the end. I also liked the journal entries which reveal a secret that might be too much for Grace to handle.

If you like a paranormal tale that involves a girl and a forbidden love, this is the one for you. Just make sure to stay in during a full moon. Who knows what might be out there.
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