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When Mimi Shapiro has to escape New York and an obsessed professor, she flees to her dads cottage in Canada.  Her dad tells her the cottage is uninhabited, but when Mimi arrives she finds a guy named Jay living there.  Shortly after meeting each other, and after some initial tension, Mimi and Jay discover that they have the same dad and agree to share the house.  However, there are some strange things happening.  Jay discovers small things left in the house, and other small things missing.  Mimis videocamera is stolen from her car and used to record her standing in the house, then replaced in her car.  Mimi and Jays story is interspersed with, and connects with, the tale of Cramer.  Cramer is a young man with a dysfunctional home life who longs to get away from his disturbed mom and her abusive boyfriend.  The arrival of Mimi causes Cramers jealousy of Jay to spiral out of control.  Cramers obsession with Mimi and Jay explodes into a thrilling climactic finish.

The Uninvited is a suspenseful story that explores family dynamics and the nature of obsession.  Wynne Jones has created a robust set of characters and places them within a disturbing story that will keep you reading non-stop until the end.  There are also plot twists and turns, adding up to an unpredictable turn of events.  You may think you have the story figured out, but Wynne Jones keeps the story from veering into predictability.  Recommended for anyone looking for a  good thriller with some depth.

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