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My Life in Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald - Perfect
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Im a reader that enjoys a lot of fantasy - and as little reality as possible. My Life in Pink and Green isnt a book I would pick up on my own, which made it even more of a wonderful surprise.

I loved this book.

Our heroine, Lucy Desberg - and a heroine of epic proportions she is - has chutzpah. In spades. Lucy is afraid things are at their worst when she opens the mail at her familys pharmacy and notices big black letters with the words THREE DELINQUENT MORTGAGE PAYMENTS&YOU ARE IN DANGER OF FORECLOSURE. Like most twelve-year-olds in such a situation, shes not exactly sure what this means. But she knows its bad.

The Old Mill Pharmacy doesnt do the business it used to do back in the old days when the place was the after school hang out. Now Lucys grandmother barely turns on the grill anymore and no one stands in line for snacks and sodas.

But Lucy believes she can make the pharmacy even better than it used to be. Opportunity walks through her door in the form of the high school homecoming queen, looking for a remedy to her own personal disaster - a really bad hair day. Lucy has the answer, and her quick thinking and good advice earns respect from the queen and her friends. The news spreads, and this kickstarts Lucys new career as a makeover artist. Shes really good at it, and loves making other people feel great about themselves.

A conversation between Lucy and her sister sparks the perfect idea, one that might just save the pharmacy while helping save the earth. Then a local Going Green Grant application turns up when Lucy does a Web search at her schools Earth Club meeting. Could the grant be the answer?

Lucy is Every Kid. In a time when many families are facing scary things like foreclosure and job loss, shes a positive voice that reminds us all it is possible for just one person, even a kid, to make a difference. Highest recommendations&

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