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Treasured Truth
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Stacey McGill is the new girl in town. Before she moved to Stoneybrook, she lived in New York City. With her permed hair, cool clothes, and breezy-but-mature attitude, her new friends think she's wildly sophisticated. The truth is Stacey's a little shakey. She misses her old friends and the big city. Though she likes being a member of The Baby-Sitters Club, she's worried that they'll find out her big secret - she has diabetes.

In this line of BSC graphic novels, illustrator Raina Telgemeier has done the beloved books justice. She has completely retained the original stories, lifting dialogue - speech and thought bubbles - directly from the original text. Her artwork is adorable, and the characters all look to be the proper ages. The graphic novels are just as squeaky-clean as the books upon which they are based, and I recommend them just as highly.
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