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Cloaked is a fairly average read (or listen, as it may be). It was good for what I needed (a light read after the tear-jerkers and pulse-pounders I've read lately), but that's about it. The plot was pretty predictable and the romance was a little cheesier than I would've liked (and I can handle a lot of cheese).

I like all the different fairy tales that were incorporated. They aren't the fairy tales you're used to hearing about, so I enjoyed learning a bit about them. I enjoy a good talking animal, so that element of the story was fun.

I liked that Johnny was into shoes. And not just kind of into shoes either. He actually designs them and knows a whole heck of a lot about brand names and styles. It was a nice little twist to give him a more interesting personality.

The audio reading surely didn't do the story any favors. There wasn't a whole lot of distinction between male and female, except most of the guys sounded like your stereotypical surfer dude. That seriously drove me nuts. And the accents sounded completely fake (it sounds like that's the way it was written so, I can't completely blame the narrator.)

The Nutshell: Basically, I don't have a whole lot to say about Cloaked. It wasn't particularly bad, but it wasn't really notable either.
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