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Not Dead, Undead
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Have you ever wanted more out of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead? Well, now you can with this wonderful continuation in graphic novel form. Follow the life of Celementine, a character most famous for her involvement in the Tell-Tale Game, The Walking Dead.

I loved this book to a certain extent, as it allowed Clementine's story to continue well beyond the already established cannon. While throwing in new information we previously haven't received. I especially liked how we got the more awesome and stronger version of Clementine, who has learned from her many mistakes. All while she kicks walker butt with ease, even with her prosthetic.

Overall, I think this book could have really tied a little more back to the popular media that is the Walking Dead's hit TV adaptation. As I feel it would have been an interesting twist to include some of the more popular and recognizable characters. Even if it was just a small cameo. I feel like this would have allowed more readers, who maybe haven't read the full comics or played the video game to enjoy this inclusion.

In the end, I quite enjoyed this graphic novel. As it allowed me to revisit one of my favorite franchises without the need to spend hours on end playing a video game or watching over 11 seasons of a show.
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