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Circus of immortals
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Reader reviewed by Jamie

This is no ordinary travelling cirque  of freaks . It all started when Daren shan the main character and his michevious/snarky best friend Steve "leopard " leonard  got a ad which their friend Allan took from his brother. This ad is about a cirque du freak  who is  an travelling cirque currently visting Daren's hometown. There's creepy yet amazing acts such as beard lady, snake boy, Wolfman etc.Steve got  tickets but only for two people so in the end daren and his best friend sneak off to the circus. Daren expected it to just be people in  costumes. But no it was too real the wolfman is half man half wolf who they got to pet and one person hand got bitten OFF, followed by act of freaks with long arms and big teeth etc, Last but not least the act daren waited for THE POISONOUS SPIDER Madame OCTA along with mr crepsley who got spider to go to  his mouth to do tricks.Steve was obssesed with vamps he knew crepsley was a vampire since he read alot of comic books. He confirmed it with crespley  and asked if he can be turned into a vampire but he has bad blood and in the end daren stole a spider, octa bit steve   and daren has to become a VAMP to save his life and become Crepsley assistant. It had some humour ,action and horror.Great start to a seriesof 12 books!
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