Cinder's Flame (Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly #7)

Cinder's Flame (Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly #7)
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May 03, 2022
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In the seventh installment of the exciting Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly graphic novel series, Ruskin’s friend Cinder gets cursed!

Cinder has always carried a small spark of envy when it comes to Ruskin. He is, after all, known as the legendary scarlet dragon. And it’s hard to be friends with a legend, as the Witch-Dragon, Villinelle, knows all too well. When Villinelle unleashes the dreaded Soul Blazer spell on Cinder, her small spark of envy grows into an uncontrollable flame. Can Ruskin help his friend, or will Cinder’s fire burn too bright?

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A dangerous thing is lurking in Cinder and it is up to her friends to save her in this thrilling installment of the Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly. CINDER'S FLAME by Jordan Quinn is the seventh adventure of the series, and this time the little dragons have to save their friend from herself. The story opens on Cinder having a shared nightmare with Ruskin, Groth, and Roke. The witch-dragon Villinelle is trying to warn Cinder and save her from the Dark One's plan. However, her plans to separate their bond have all failed, and with one final chance, someone lurking in the shadows alters her spell causing Cinder to produce her first flame. Burning hot, Cinder's previous jealousy fuels her rage, and it is up to her friends to save her if they can.

What I Enjoyed:
I really enjoyed this one. It's got an exciting plot that keeps the reader engaged in the action. The friendship Ruskin shares with Groth, Cinder, and Roke is at the heart of the story. I love their interactions, how they work together, and how they know something is seriously wrong. They won't give up on each other and stand by one another even during the hard times, like being cursed by the witch-dragon.

The illustrations are simple, mostly full page with little paneling which is good for newly independent readers. The font is bold and easy to read with well delineated chapters. This will encourage new readers when they see that they can complete the chapter on their own.

The magic for the series is on the light side mostly, however this one does have a darker tone to it. Death and loss are addressed here briefly towards the end of the book which might not be suitable for sensitive readers. Villinelle's redemption arc is continued here, and it was nice to see how the author showed the reader through her actions that people can change.

Final Thought: CINDER'S FLAME is a thrilling fantasy adventure complete with dragons and magic sure to please younger readers.
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