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Even when we crash we intertwine
(Updated: June 08, 2024)
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Even when we crash, we intertwine, and so goes the relationship between Inan and Zélie in this very fast-paced, moving story. The story is laid out from 3 points of view: Inan, Zélie, and Amari.
Magic has returned, but unintended consequences have occurred as a result. Not only did the Magi have access to magic, but also those nobles with magic ancestry. Now, Zélie is struggling to save Orïsha while the enemy (namely her mother and brother) holds just as much power as she does. The book is well-paced and hardly lets you breathe for an instant as we progress through the story. The chapters are nice and short, and each one moves seamlessly to the next.
With all the turmoil unfolding, you would think that would leave little room for love, but no, romance does brew. However, the cost of it becomes far more profound and heartbreaking than I think these characters expected. Then, just as you get the final pages and believe all is looking up, a plot twist leaves us hanging.
I was in utter shock, my heart rate was up, and parts of this book made me scream and cry. It's a fantastic story, but I am not sure where it is going with the third book. I will check it out.
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