Children of The Flying City

Children of The Flying City
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March 15, 2022
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Brought to the flying city of Highgate when he was only five years old, orphan Milo Quick has never known another home. Now almost thirteen, Milo survives one daredevil grift at a time, relying only on his wit, speed, and best friends Jules and Dagda.

A massive armada has surrounded Highgate’s crumbling armaments. Because behind locked doors—in opulent parlors and pneumatic forests and a master toymaker’s workshop—the once-great flying city protects a powerful secret, hidden away for centuries. A secret that’s about to ignite a war. One small airship, the Halcyon, has slipped through the ominous blockade on a mission to collect Milo—and the rich bounty on his head—before the fighting begins. But the members of the Halcyon’s misfit crew aren’t the only ones chasing Milo Quick.
True friendship is worth any risk in this clever, heart-racing adventure from award-winning author and journalist Jason Sheehan. Sheehan weaves together wry narration and multiple points of view to craft a richly imagined tale that is dangerous and surprising, wondrous and joyful.

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What I liked:
The plotting is tight, fast-paced, and full of tension but balanced with calm wonder and irreverent delight moments. Our story's city is richly developed and encompasses a wide variety of vibrant characters. This story definitely will able to the young men crowd as it glorifies all aspects of a young man's journey and does not shy away from some very dark moments. The narrator is genuine in the truths he delivers and, at one point, even tells readers they may want to stop right now before things get too dark.
Final Verdict:
The steampunk theme is played out expertly, and the characters are memorable. I was unaware that this would be a series, but I want more. Anyone who enjoys sky pirate-type stories will want to pick this one up and give it a listen.
Audiobook Review:
The narrator adds wit and charm and plenty of warnings as we meander through this at-time dark fantasy for middle-grade readers. Children of the flying city is a great start to a middle-grade series that moves along at a quick clip with short chapters with exciting titles that will keep readers listening tell the heart-stopping ending, which will leave you eager for the next installment.
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