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Child of the Flower-Song People
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Beautifully illustrated biography of Luz Jimenez. I totally love books that show people that are part of my own Mexican heritage. This picture book is the perfect addition to not only school libraries, but personal ones as well.

Luz Jimenez's story is told with the powerful illustrations of Duncan Tonatiuh that show the spirit and courage of a young Nahua girl who longs to be a teacher and share the history/culture of her ancestors. As a former bilingual teacher, I would have loved this book to share with my mostly diverse students. There is beauty and empowerment in seeing people that mirror who you are. Luz's story is one of determination, strength, and courage. She ended up being a model for Mexican artists like Diego Rivera, who wanted to show true representations of Mexico and not the Spanish version.

At the back of the book are a glossary, timeline, and short bio on Luz's life.

Powerful, empowering story of 'the spirit of Mexico' Luz Jimenez. A total recommend to all who want a picture book that celebrates the life of a Nahua native.
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1. Beautifully illustrated non-fiction tale of Luz Jimenez
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