Spotlight on The Hunting Moon (Susan Dennard), Excerpt

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Today we’re spotlighting The Hunting Moon by Susan Dennard!

Read on for more about the author and the book!




About the Author: Susan Dennard

Susan Dennard is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of the Witchlands series (now in development for TV from the Jim Henson Company), and the Something Strange and Deadly series, in addition to short fiction published online. She also runs the popular newsletter for writers, the Misfits and Daydreamers. When not writing or teaching writing, she can be found rolling the dice as a Dungeon Master or mashing buttons on one of her way too many consoles.




About the Book: The Hunting Moon

The Hunting Moon is the highly anticipated sequel to The Luminaries by New York Times bestselling author Susan Dennard.

Winnie Wednesday has gotten everything she thought she wanted. She passed the deadly hunter trials, her family has been welcomed back into the Luminaries, and overnight, she has become a local celebrity.

The Girl Who Jumped. The Girl Who Got Bitten.

Unfortunately, it all feels wrong. For one, nobody will believe her about the new nightmare called the Whisperer that’s killing hunters each night. Everyone blames the werewolf, even though Winnie is certain the wolf is innocent.

On top of that, following her dad’s convoluted clues about the Dianas, their magic, and what happened in Hemlock Falls four years ago is leaving her with more questions than answers.

Then to complicate it all, there is still only one person who can help her: Jay Friday, the boy with plenty of problems all his own.

As bodies and secrets pile up around town, Winnie finds herself questioning what it means to be a true Wednesday and a true Luminary―and also where her fierce-hearted loyalties might ultimately have to lie.






C H A P T E R  2


Winnie waits until all the eulogies are over and Grayson’s ashes have sunk into the unfeeling deep. Only then does she go to Jay. He has moved away from the lake and tucked himself into the shadows of an old hemlock. If Winnie hadn’t watched him shuffle from the shore, she might never have noticed him hiding there.

He looks like he often does, eyes bloodshot and face haggard. If Winnie didn’t know he’d just been on the hunt, she would assume he’d been out all night drinking. His hair is still damp—as if he only just left the shower, where he scrubbed off all the remains of forest and death.

“Thanks for coming,” he tells her. His eyes are misty gray today, rimmed with red. She suspects he has been crying.

Questions boil inside Winnie: Please, tell me you saw the Whisperer. Please, tell me it wasn’t the werewolf and I’m not crazy. A werewolf didn’t do this. Please, tell me it was the Whisperer.

Winnie swallows those words, greasy and hot. She can’t acknowledge them right now, not when Jay is simply trying to survive a day that weighs too heavy.

“I’m . . . really sorry,” Winnie says instead. “If you need anything, you, uh . . . you know where to find me.”

Jay nods, distracted, and fidgets with his dad’s watch. His gaze skates behind Winnie, to where a line is forming. Hunters and clan members wanting to offer their sympathies . . . but also to offer their congratulations. After all, when one Lead Hunter leaves, another must step in.

Jay’s shoulders sink half an inch. The boy who does nothing but shirk responsibility is now faced with a metric ton of it. He has to manage clan training; he has to coordinate schedules and gear and safety; he has to guide hunters into the forest every Friday night, knowing they could end up like Grayson.

And that he could end up like Grayson too.

“Jay,” says a new voice, creaking and thin. Winnie turns to find Jay’s great-aunt Linda pushing in and reaching for Jay’s hands. So Winnie offers him a tight smile and moves on.

A quick scan reveals Mom in conversation with an Alpha named Isaac Tuesday who graduated when Darian did. Mom’s eyes shine. She’s glad to be here, even if it’s for a funeral, because she believes in the long sleep and the balance and the death that’s a part of life.

And don’t I believe in that too?

“Hey, Winnie.”

Winnie twists around to find that Aunt Rachel has pushed through the crowd to stand beside her. She is dressed almost identically to Mom, and Winnie can’t help but wonder if maybe they bought their outfits at the same time—back when they not only had hunted together, but had also been best friends.

“Hi.” Winnie tries for a smile. It falls flat.

“Did you know Grayson?” Rachel cocks her head toward the lake, as if the ashes somehow still contain bits of him.

They don’t.

“No,” Winnie admits. “I just . . . thought I should support Jay.” And what a great job I’ve done at that. “I guess you knew Grayson?”

“Yeah. Lead Hunters—we consult pretty regularly.” Rachel sighs and stuffs her hands into her coat pockets. “He was good. Really good. It’s, uh, scary how fast things can turn on you.” As she says this, Winnie can practically see the nightmares in Rachel’s eyes. All the times when she—like Winnie—really should not have made it out of the forest alive.

After a few seconds though, Rachel rolls her shoulders, curt efficiency taking hold of her posture. As if her very skeleton is saying, There is no time for the shadows. Compartmentalize and move back toward the sun.

“Listen,” Rachel begins, “it’s totally fine if you don’t want to join the Wednesday hunt right now—”

The way she says this does not make it sound totally fine.

“—but the clans need help with corpse duty. We’ve got so many dead nightmares to deal with these days, given the amped-up hunter numbers. Think you can join the crew on Thursday morning? You don’t have to be in charge again, but we could really use the help.”

Winnie has two thoughts in that moment. First, that she absolutely doesn’t want to spend any more time than she has to with Rachel’s son, Marcus, who will undoubtedly be there for corpse duty on Thursday morning.

Second, that she isn’t sure she wants to return to the forest if it’s going to keep making her feel this way. It won’t, though. You’re just being weird and this is just a one-off.

Except . . . was the waterfall always so loud?

Rachel clears her throat. Winnie realizes she has been staring into space. Possibly glaring into space too. She blinks. “Yeah. I can do that, Aunt Rachel.”

“Great.” Rachel rubs her hands together. “I appreciate that. And of course, whenever you’re ready to join me on the hunt, you just let me know. No pressure.”

But also definitely some pressure.

As Rachel strides away, Winnie is struck yet again by the utter polarity of it all. Rachel just nudged her niece to join in the exact activity that led to Grayson’s brutal death . . . at Grayson’s funeral. And right now, although Winnie is a whole thirty paces away from Jay, she can hear an unfamiliar voice booming out: “Congratulations, young man. Youngest Lead Hunter in Hemlock Falls. You must be so proud.”

No, Winnie thinks as she stomps away from it all to seek solitude in the parking lot. He’s not proud. And jumping wasn’t fun. And Grayson isn’t sleeping. And the Nightmare Masquerade should not be happening in two weeks.

Yet even as those thoughts slice through Winnie’s brain one after the other, bright, burning meteorites, she knows that the better thoughts—the better questions she really should be raising—are: What is wrong with me? Why can’t I compartmentalize like everybody else?

And why am I not acting like a Luminary?




Title: The Hunting Moon
Author: Susan Dennard
Release Date: November 7, 2023
Publisher: Tor Teen
ISBN-10: 1250194148
ISBN-13: 978-1250194145
Genre: YA Fantasy
Age Range: 13 – 18

Spotlight on Hidden Truths (Elly Swartz), Excerpt Plus Giveaway! ~US Only

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Today we’re spotlighting Hidden Truth by Elly Swartz!

Read on for more about the author, the book, and a giveaway!




About the Author: Elly Swartz

Elly Swartz lives in Massachusetts and is happily married with two grown sons, a beagle named Lucy, and a pup named Baxter Bean.  Dear Student, called a “heartfelt story with a fresh plot” by  Parents Magazine, was her latest novel. She is also the author of  Finding Perfect, Smart Cookie, and  Give and Take, novels for middle-grade readers.

Website * X * Facebook * Instagram




About the Book:  Hidden Truths

How far would you go to keep a promise? Told from alternating points of view,  Hidden Truths  is a story of changing friendships, the lies we tell, the secrets we keep, and the healing power of forgiveness.

Dani and Eric have been best friends since Dani moved next door in second grade. They bond over donuts, comic books, and camping on the Cape.

Until one summer when everything changes.

Did Eric cause the accident that leaves Dani unable to do the one thing in the world she most cares about? The question plagues him, and he will do anything to get answers about the explosion that injured her. But Dani is hurting too much to want Eric to pursue the truth—she just wants to shut him out and move on. Besides, Eric has a history of dropping things he starts. Eric knows that and is determined that this will be the one time he follows through.

But what if his pursuit brings him into direct conflict with another friend? Where does Eric’s loyalty really lie?

Amazon * B&N * IndieBound * Goodreads







Didn’t Know

I didn’t know today would matter.

I didn’t know it would change everything.

I thought what mattered had already happened.

I was wrong.


Ostrich Legs

I squeeze the baseball in my hand and squint through my mirrored sunglasses at the sea of boys swirling around me. McKinnon stretches his long ostrich legs as he throws lefty to Braden. In the outfield are Billings, Henry, and some kid I don’t recognize with a mouth full of red braces.

I stand on the pitching mound and close my eyes. I hear a lawn mower somewhere and breathe in a mix of grass and dirt, hoping it will calm the nerves marching up my spine. Today I find out if I made the baseball team.

I open my eyes and slide my left hand into the baseball glove I named Betty. The leather’s worn and it molds around my fingers. I exhale and hear the buzz of boys talking and laughing, but I don’t say a word. I can’t. I don’t want to jinx it.

Tryouts were held the morning I left for baseball camp. It had just rained, and the air was sticky. It was me and a pack of boys. All boys. Like always. But that day my arm was fire. Fastball after fastball landed smack in the catcher’s mitt. I stand on the mound now, hoping that was enough.

Coach Levi said he’d be at the field by ten.

I swallow hard and look at my phone. It’s 10:05.

I slip my phone back into my pocket and squeeze the baseball. The stitching feels good against my palm.

Then I see Coach Levi walking across the field. My stomach flips.

As he gets closer, the kids scattered around the field move like a swarm toward the dugout.

Please let this be good news.

“Well, hello, everyone,” Coach says, taking off his cap and running his hand over his buzz cut.

The clouds roll in front of the sun, and I move my sunglasses to the top of my head.

He claps his hands together. “I asked you all to the field because I wanted to congratulate you on making the Mapleville fall baseball team.”

The words linger in the air. Shock floods my brain, followed by a tidal wave of happiness.

After years of blah, blah, blah–“You’re good for a girl, but not good enough to make the team”–I finally did it!

Coach talks about the game and the practice schedule, and when he finishes, everyone erupts into cheers and high fives. And I’m part of it.

I quickly text Eric the news.

Then the team lines up and Coach hands out our uniforms. I toss my new navy-and-red Mapleville shirt over my tank top and stuff my long brown frizzle of hair into my team hat. Coach talks about working hard and supporting each other, and then says he’ll see us for practice next week.

My first official team meeting is over, and my heart is dancing.

When I look up, Eric’s leaning his mountain bike against the fence by the field.

I run over. We haven’t seen each other since I left for baseball camp a month ago. I got back this morning, just before Coach sent the email telling us to meet at the field.

“Welcome home!” he bursts out, his dimple showing.

I smile. “Thanks,” I say, glancing over my shoulder at my team. “Can you believe it? I finally got picked!”

“Totally believe it,” he says, taking something out of his backpack. “Your fastball’s a beast.”

“Yeah, but that’s never been enough. At least until now!” I pause as a neon-green Frisbee flies across the next field. “I’m excited you’re here. You look taller.”

He flexes his skinny arms. “And stronger.”

I laugh. “I didn’t think you’d come to the field. I mean, I’m seeing you later for our camping trip.”

“I know, but since you made the team, I had to bring donuts to celebrate.” He swipes his floppy curls to the side and holds up a bakery box.

I’m about to reach for a Boston cream when I hear ­McKinnon call my name. I turn around.

He’s standing in front of the boy pack, waving me over. “Team’s going for pizza.”

“Oh,” Eric says, rapid blinking. “Yeah, I mean, you should go with them.”

I look at my team in their Mapleville shirts and caps, and then back at Eric. I yell to McKinnon, “I’ll meet you there.”

Eric stares at me. “Go. It’s cool, I’ll see you later.”

“You sure?”

He nods.

“Will you save me a donut?” I ask.

He tilts his head and raises an eyebrow. “No promises.”

I laugh. “That’s fair.”

Eric hops on his bike.

“Hey, thanks for coming and for the almost-donut and for understanding how big this is.” I talk fast like I might explode with joy. “You’re the best!”

He nods.

“After this team thing, I’ll pack super quick and meet you at your house for the camping trip,” I tell him. “I want to hear about all the things I missed while I was at baseball camp.”

He gives me a thumbs-up.

“I made the team!” I shout as I wave good-bye. “I can’t even believe I finally get to say those words!”




Title: Hidden Truths
Author: Elly Swartz
Release Date: October 31, 2023
Publisher: Delacorte Press
ISBN-10: 0593483669
ISBN-13: 978-0593483664
Genre: Middle-grade/contemporary
Age Range: 10-13


Three (3) winners will receive a hardcover copy of Hidden Truths (Elly Swartz) ~US Only
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Giveaway: Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity (Elizabeth C. Bunce) ~US/CAN Only

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We’re excited to host the giveaway for Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity (Elizabeth C. Bunce)! 

Read on to find out more about the author, the book and a giveaway!




About the Author: Elizabeth C. Bunce

Elizabeth C. Bunce grew up on a steady diet of Sherlock Holmes, Trixie Belden, and Quincy, M.E., and always played the lead prosecutor in mock trial. She has never had a governess, and no one has ever accused her of being irrepressible, but a teacher did once call her “argumentative”—which was entirely untrue, and she can prove it. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and their cats. You can find her online at





About the Book: Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity

In the fifth book of the Edgar Award-winning series, Myrtle Hardcastle uncovers a string of murders during a treasure hunt on a haunted Scottish estate.

When her governess inherits an estate on a Scottish island, amateur detective Myrtle Hardcastle couldn’t be more excited. Unfortunately, the ancestral castle is both run-down and haunted. Ghostly moans echo in the walls, and there are rumors of a cursed treasure lost on the island—an ancient silver brooch that may have cost the former lord his life. But who had the motive, means, and opportunity to kill him? And could this Scottish trip mean the end of Myrtle’s plans to get her father and governess together?

Then Myrtle’s investigation stirs a villain out of hiding. The estate’s boat is stolen, so there’s no escape from the island. Myrtle is forced to play a deadly game, hunting for the brooch with a thief breathing down her neck—someone who will stop at nothing to get the treasure, even if it means murder.





Title: Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity

Author: Elizabeth C. Bunce

Release Date: Oct 24, 2023

Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers

ISBN-13: 9781523524280

Genre: Fiction

Age Range: 10 and up





Five (5) winners will receive a paperback copy of all five books in the Myrtle Hardcastle Mystery series (Elizabeth C. Bunce) ~US/CAN Only!

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Rockstar Tours: THE BIGFOOT QUEEN (Jennifer Weiner), Excerpt & Giveaway! ~ US ONLY

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I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the THE BIGFOOT QUEEN by Jennifer Weiner Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


About The Book:

Title: THE BIGFOOT QUEEN (The Littlest Bigfoot

Author: Jennifer Weiner

Pub. Date: October 24, 2023

Publisher: Aladdin

Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook

Pages: 352

Find it: Goodreads 


From #1 New York Times bestselling
author Jennifer Weiner comes the third and final book in the “cheerful” (The
New York Times Book Review
) and “charming” (People) trilogy about
friendship, adventure, and celebrating your true self.

Alice Mayfair, Millie Maximus, Jessica Jarvis, and Jeremy Bigelow face their
biggest challenge yet when exposure of the sacred, secret world is threatened
by a determined foe, someone with a very personal reason to want revenge
against the creatures who call themselves the Yare.

The fate of the tribe and its members’ right to live out peacefully in the open
is at stake. Impossible decisions are made, friendships are threatened, secrets
are revealed, and tremendous courage is required. Alice, her friends, and her
frenemies will have to work together and be stronger, smarter, and more
accepting than they’ve ever been.

But can some betrayals ever be forgiven?

Weiner will be celebrating the book’s
publication with 
an in-person event via Children’s
Book World
 on October 24, 2023 at 7:30pm ET. A hardcover boxed set collection of all three books in The Littlest
Bigfoot series will be published on November 13, 2023—just in time for the


Grab all 3
books now from







CHARLOTTE HUGHES HAD BEEN BORN IN A dying town, to parents who didn’t survive to see her second birthday. They’d perished in a car accident, after their minivan had hit a patch of black ice and skidded off the road. Charlotte’s father had been pronounced dead on the scene. Her mother had died in the hospital, later that night. Baby Charlotte, strapped into her car seat, had survived without a scratch, and had been sent to live with her father’s mother, her only surviving relative, who, clearly, had no interest in raising another child. Grandma managed Upland’s only bed-and-breakfast, and it was an exhausting, thankless job—but one Grandma always said she was lucky to have, given how many in town couldn’t find any work at all.


In the winter, when the skiers who couldn’t find lodging closer to the mountain resorts booked rooms, Grandma worked from sunrise to late at night, doing laundry, cleaning, and cooking, and as soon as Charlotte was tall enough to push a broom or carry a load of dirty towels to the basement, she had to help her. There were floors to be swept and mopped, beds to be stripped and made, trash cans to be emptied, carpets to be vacuumed, and toilets to be scrubbed. Even when they didn’t have guests, there was always cleaning. The big, old house seemed to generate its own dust and grow its own cob- webs. Little Charlotte would wake up at five in the morning to iron napkins and to bake scones and clear snow off the porch. She made beds and cleaned bathrooms. She learned to be invisible, to slip in and out of the rooms when the guests were gone, so quickly that they hardly noticed she was there. Her hands would chap and her skin would crack and she’d yawn her way through her school days.


And, all around her, Upland was dying.


When Grandma Hughes was a girl, Upland had been a thriving town, with a ski resort and two different fabric mills that stained the river with whatever dyes they were using that week: indigo, crimson, goldenrod yellow, or pine-tree green.


Then one of the mills had caught fire, and the other mill had closed, and the Great Depression and the two World Wars had come.


Young men had gone off to fight and hadn’t returned; families packed up and moved to more prosperous com- munities. In 1965, the interstate highway, which went nowhere near Upland, was completed. Skiers used it to travel to the mountains that were close to the highway, and Upland was not. Two years after the interstate opened, Mount Upland was closed.


For as long as Charlotte could remember, her home- town had been full of run-down houses and rusty trailers, roads with more potholes than asphalt, where the schools were ancient and the bridges were elderly and every third storefront had a faded “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” or “EVERYTHING MUST GO” sign hung over its soap- covered windows. Every year, more and more people moved away, to bigger towns with better opportunities.


Then, when Charlotte was twelve, Christopher Jarvis had come to town.


Famous Scientist to Establish New Labs in Upland, read the headline in the newspaper Charlotte saw on her grandmother’s desk. Famed scientist Christopher Jarvis, owner of Jarvis Industries, which holds patents on everything from dental tools to heartburn medications, is opening a new research and development facility in Upland. A spokes- man for Dr. Jarvis said the renowned scientist and inventor has purchased the eighty acres of land that were formerly Ellenloe Farms, and plans to break ground on the labs next month, with an eye toward opening next year. “We’ll need everything from support staff, such as custodians and cooks, to researchers and security personnel,” a spokeswoman for Jarvis Industries said.


“Maybe we’ll get some more guests,” Grandma had said, not looking especially hopeful. She spooned a clump of macaroni and cheese onto Charlotte’s plate, where it landed with a dispirited plop. Charlotte tried not to sigh. She couldn’t remember her parents, not even a little bit, but somehow she thought that if her mother had survived, she’d buy name-brand mac and cheese, not the generic kind, and she’d make the sauce with milk instead of water.


The next day, the school was buzzing with the news. Courtney Miller said her mom had already applied for a job as an administrative assistant, and Lisa Farley said her mom had gotten a call about working in the cafeteria. Ross Richardson said his dad had heard there was going to be a job fair at the community center, and Mrs. McTeague, who taught English literature, said she’d heard that the lab would bring more than five hundred new jobs to Upland.


Charlotte took the long way home after school, wondering whether her grandmother would ever go to work for Jarvis Industries. Maybe they could sell the inn and move to a regular house, where they didn’t have to sleep in cramped bedrooms in the attic and worry about being quiet so the sound of their feet or their voices wouldn’t disturb their guests. Charlotte would be able to get a job babysitting, or she could be a lifeguard in the summertime, instead of making beds and scrubbing toilets for no money, not even an allowance. She could get an iPhone, instead of the crummy knockoff with limited data that was all her grandmother could afford, and a pair of the clogs that all the girls were wearing that year. She could get new clothes and concert tickets and a car when she was old enough to drive. Maybe her grand- mother wouldn’t have to work so hard, and maybe she’d stop being so grumpy with Charlotte when she wasn’t so exhausted, with her back and her knees hurting her all the time. Maybe everything would change.


When Charlotte arrived at the inn that afternoon, she saw a shiny black car in the driveway, and a man in a suit and shoes as shiny and black as the car, standing on the front porch. “I hope you’ll give our offer some serious thought,” he said to Grandma Hughes, who didn’t answer. The man shrugged, climbing into the car and giving Charlotte a quick, two-fingered salute before driving away.


Charlotte could tell from her grandmother’s tight- lipped expression that asking questions would only cause trouble, but she couldn’t keep quiet. “Who was that man?” Charlotte asked, taking her place in front of the kitchen sink to start on the afternoon’s dishes. “What’d he want?”


“He’s from the Jarvis company. They want to buy the place,” her grandmother said. She’d pulled a bunch of celery out of the refrigerator and was going at it with a cleaver as if she was imagining it was the Jarvis representative’s head.


“And you won’t sell?” Charlotte asked. Her heart was sinking.


“This place belonged to my parents. And my father’s parents before them,” said her grandmother. “It should have gone to my son. It’ll be yours someday, I imagine.”


I don’t want it, thought Charlotte. “Wouldn’t it be easier, just to sell it? You could probably retire!”


Easier doesn’t always mean better.” Her grandmother kept chopping, dicing the celery into tinier and tinier pieces. After a minute she muttered, “And it’s dirty money.”


“What do you mean?”


“I’ve learned a few things about Jarvis Industries.” Chop, chop, chop, went the heavy silver blade. “All those pharmaceutical companies are bad news. Profiting off people’s illnesses. Making their pills so expensive that regular people can’t afford them. Getting rich, while sick people suffer and go without to afford their medication. Dirty money.”


Charlotte decided she didn’t care if Jarvis Industries’ money was dirty or clean. If they’d offered it to her, she’d have taken it, and if Charlotte inherited the inn and the Jarvis people still wanted it, she would sell it to them and never look back.


Her grandmother pressed her lips together, even more tightly. “I’ve heard other things too,” she said.


About Jennifer Weiner:


Jennifer Weiner is the #1 New York Times bestselling
author of twenty-one books, including The Summer Place, That SummerBig
, Mrs. Everything, In Her Shoes, Good
in Bed
, and a memoir in essays, Hungry Heart. She has
appeared on many national television programs, including Today and Good
Morning America
, and her work has been published in The Wall
Street Journal
 and The New York Times, among
other newspapers and magazines. Jennifer lives with her family in Philadelphia.
Visit her online at

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Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a finished copy of THE BIGFOOT QUEEN, US Only.

Ends October 24th, midnight EST.

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Spotlight on Woke Up Like This (Amy Lea), Excerpt!

October 5th, 2023 by

Today we’re spotlighting Woke Up Like This by Amy Lea!

Read on for more about Amy Lea and their book!




Meet the Author: Amy Lea

Amy Lea is the international bestselling author of romantic comedies for adults and teens, including Set on You, Exes and O’s, and Mindy Kaling’s Book Studio selection, WOKE UP LIKE THIS (October 2023). Her acclaimed works have been featured in USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan, and more and have been optioned for film and sold to over a dozen foreign territories.

When Amy is not writing, she can be found fan-girling over other romance books on Instagram (@amyleabooks), eating potato chips with reckless abandon, and snuggling with her husband and two goldendoodles in Ottawa, Canada.

Website * Instagram




About the Book: Woke Up Like This

For two high school seniors, it’s seventeen going on thirty—overnight—in a magical romantic comedy about growing up too fast and living in the moment.

Planning the perfect prom is one last “to do” on ultra-organized Charlotte Wu’s high school bucket list. So far, so good, if not for a decorating accident that sends Charlotte crash-landing off a ladder, face-first into her obnoxiously ripped archnemesis J. T. Renner. Worse? When Charlotte wakes up, she finds herself in an unfamiliar bed at thirty years old, with her bearded fiancé, Renner, by her side.

Either they’ve lost their minds or they’ve been drop-kicked into adulthood, forever trapped in the thirty-year-old bodies of their future selves. With each other as their only constant, Charlotte and Renner discover all that’s changed in the time they’ve missed. Charlotte also learns there’s more to Renner than irritating-jock charm, and that reaching the next milestone isn’t as important as what happens in between.

Navigating a series of adventures and a confounding new normal, Charlotte and Renner will do whatever it takes to find a way back to seventeen. But when—and if—they do, what then?







T. Renner’s transgressions against me: a complete history


-9th grade—ditched me at homecoming

-9th grade—called me a “kiss a**” and “teacher’s pet”

-9th grade—made a p*n*s joke during my biology presentation

-10th grade—invited entire sophomore class to his garage party except me

-10th grade—loudly pointed out a spelling error in my Civil War history PowerPoint presentation

-11th grade—accused me of ripping a potent fart at Lucy H.’s New Year’s party

-11th grade—made fun of me for being the only girl who didn’t receive a Valentine’s Day carnation and candy gram in homeroom

-11th grade—mocked my driving in driver’s ed

-11th grade—unfairly beat me in a law class debate

-12th grade—still brags about last year’s law class debate

-12th grade—emotional trauma from his bullying caused me to fail my driver’s test—twice

-12th grade- claims to have beaten my SAT score (no evidence of claim provided)



Of all Renner’s transgressions, student council was the cherry on top. I’d been the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade rep, and the entire student body of Maplewood High School knew the president position was mine. I’d worked tirelessly for the past three years for this.

Extracurriculars are key for graduate school, which I’ll need to become a school counselor. They’re also important for scholarships, which I spent all of spring break applying to. In fact, I have an inter- view next week for a $20,000 scholarship from the Katrina Zellars Foundation—a nonprofit that funds aspiring educators. Mom has saved as much as she can for my college fund, but it’s still barely enough to cover one semester in the dorms.

Anyway, I was high on endorphins, practicing my victory speech because I was running unopposed. Then, two days before the election, Renner decided to toss his name in with zero forethought, despite having no student council experience whatsoever.

When I confronted him about why he was running, he just said, “Because I knew it would p**s you off. And I thought it would be fun.”

Fun. That’s how Renner lives his life. Lover of all things fun is even his social media bio.

Unlike me, Renner had no official election platform. I spent count-less hours hunched over my laptop, surveying peers, developing a list of goals I was passionate about, including increased support for diverse clubs, adding a deli and salad bar in the cafeteria, and equality for girls’ sports programs.

Meanwhile, Renner spouted off fifteen minutes’ worth of unpracticed, somehow eloquent nonsense about collective school spirit and ensuring all voices are heard, channeling the effortless charisma of Obama.

And because everyone loves J. T. Renner, he won the presidency with a 75 percent majority.

I still can’t talk about it without ugly crying.

Excerpted from WOKE UP LIKE THIS by Amy Lea with permission from the publisher, Mindy’s Book Studio. Copyright © 2023 by Amy Lea. All rights reserved.




Title: Woke Up Like This

Author: Amy Lea

Release Date: October 1, 2023

Publisher: Mindy’s Book Studio

Genre: YA, Coming of Age

Spotlight on Zodatia: Age of the Animals (C. M. Major), Excerpt Plus Giveaway! ~US Only

October 3rd, 2023 by

Today we’re spotlighting Zodatia: Age of the Animals by C. M. Major!

Read on for more about the author, the book, and a giveaway!




About the Author: C.M. Major

About the Author – Books which have inspired C. M. Major in the writing of Zodatia: Age of the Animals include fantasy works such as Tolkien’s Middle Earth series and C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia, both series published in the 1950s, as well as Lloyd Alexander’s 1960s series The Chronicles of Prydain; also classic animal stories such as Richard Adams’s Watership Down (1972), Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 collection of stories known as The Jungle Book, and the 1923 classic by Felix Salten, Bambi: A Life in the Woods.




About the Book:  Zodatia: Age of the Animals

All young rabbit Tarwen Birchwood wants to see is the rabbit in the moon, but an uninvited guest – Rattus, the rat – hurls Tarwen into the big, wild world beyond the trees of Brushland, and soon Tarwen learns he is the only one who can save the creatures of Zodatia from being enslaved by the race of malevolent hogs. First, however, the young rabbit must survive a summons to appear before the great and mysterious Dragon King.

Amazon * B&NGoodreads






Chapter 1 – A Story Under the Moon

There once was a time almost forgotten when the world was green and quiet. Fortunately,
there are still places which show this magnificent world to those who choose to see. If you look
out your window and envision the land without the streets, without the houses, without any sign
of the beings who prosper in the world as you and I know it, you could see thick, lush forests,
clear running water, vast open fields; a time when animals great and meek prospered and were
One warm summer night in that long forgotten time, a young rabbit name was Tarwen
Birchwood gazed into the heavens. He was a rather out-of-place fellow. Even though rabbits, by
nature, were usually alert and focused, Tarwen was sometimes distracted. In fact, he seemed to
have a strange habit of daydreaming, and this habit disturbed his neighbors for they would see
him simply sitting out in the open, staring at nothing—or so they thought.
As with every rabbit of Brushland, Tarwen had lived in this warren since the day he was
born and, to Tarwen, it was a hum-drum, routine life. He did not know why he felt different
about a normal rabbit’s life. All he knew was he felt empty somewhere deep inside, as though
something within him told him there was much more to his life than what he had known so far.
Now, on this warm summer night, as other rabbits slept, Tarwen felt again the longing in his
heart which would not stop. A full moon hung within a starless sky. That moon was what
Tarwen gazed at this night, for rabbits believed an image of a rabbit would appear upon its
surface when the moon was full. Many rabbits had seen this illusive sight, so Tarwen spent his
sleepless nights determined to locate the rabbit in the moon. But no matter how hard he tried he
could never find it.
“Why can I never see the rabbit, Uncle?” Tarwen asked his Uncle Orwell as the wise, old
rabbit came out of the burrow to bring his nephew inside for rest.
“You must not worry, my boy. It appears to us all, eventually,” said Uncle Orwell with a
reassuring smile.
Uncle Orwell was like a father to Tarwen. He was a wise rabbit, halfway through his years.
His fur was whitish-gray and his eyes were kind and bright with wisdom. Tarwen’s mother had
been Uncle Orwell’s only sibling, but she had passed on, leaving Tarwen at a very young age.
“Now come inside, Tarwen. Every living thing needs sleep, even you.” Uncle Orwell loped
back through the small circular hole in the ground.
With one last backward glance at the moon, a slight shake of his head, and a droop of his
ears, Tarwen followed his uncle into the burrow. Still no image of a rabbit was visible.
Tarwen pulled the round wooden door closed behind him and followed his uncle down the
dimly lit main passageway. They passed four other tunnels before they finally turned into a side
passage and continued on until they reached their resting chamber. It was a well swept chamber.
Mushrooms that glowed a yellow color grew from the ceiling (these mushrooms are now
extinct). Two beds nestled low, one on each side of the chamber. These beds were threaded
between four twigs, and the mattresses were lined with straw and with the fur Uncle Orwell and
Tarwen had shed during past spring seasons.

As Tarwen curled up in his own bed, his uncle said, “I shall join you shortly, Nephew. There
are still a few things I must attend to.”
But Tarwen said, “Uncle, I was wondering. Do you mind if I hear one of those old stories
you used to tell me?”
Uncle Orwell was considered the best storyteller in Brushland. He glanced at his nephew,
surprised. Then a small smile grew to spread across his face.
“It has been a while since I told you one of those stories, hasn’t it?” Uncle Orwell said.
“Alright, I know just the one. Many years ago, long before any other creatures existed, the world
was ruled by dragons….”


Copyright © 2023 C. M. Major. Published by Right Line Publishing, New Richmond (WI).




Title: Zodatia: Age of the Animals

Author: C. M. Major

Illustrator: Gabriel Sorondo

Release Date: March 2023

Publisher: Right Line Publishing

ISBN-10: 0-9991803-2-0

ISBN-13: 978-0-9991803-2-7

Genre: Young Adult Fiction: Animal Fantasy

Age Range: 8 to 15





Two (2) winners will receive a signed paperback copy of ZodatiaAge of the Animals (C. M. Major) ~US Only
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Rockstar Tours: Looking Up (Stephan Pastis) Excerpt & Giveaway!

September 25th, 2023 by

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the LOOKING UP by Stephan Pastis Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


About the Books:


Author: Stephan Pastis

Pub. Date: October 10, 2023

Publisher: Aladdin

Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook

Pages: 240

Find it: Goodreads

From the New York Times bestselling
author of the Timmy Failure series comes a quirky and heartwarming middle grade
novel about a girl struggling with loneliness and the curveballs of
life—featuring black and white illustrations throughout!

Living alone with her mother in a poorer part of town, Saint—a girl drawn to
medieval knights, lost causes, and the protection of birthday piñatas—sees the
neighborhood she has always known and loved disappearing around her: old homes
being torn down and replaced by fancy condos and coffee shops. But when her
favorite creaky old toy store is demolished, she knows she must act.

Enlisting the help of Daniel “Chance” McGibbons, a quiet, round-faced boy who
lives across the street (and whose house also faces the wrecking ball), Saint
hatches a plan to save what is left of her beloved hometown.




“Will delight readers. The story is generously illustrated
with Pastis’ characteristic black-and-white cartoon line drawings … Pastis
fills this deceptively simple first-person account with humor, puns, turns, and
twists—and the final twist gives this friendship tale its surprising depth.
Words and art combine to create a moving story.” – Kirkus Reviews 


“Deceptively funny illustrated novel about loneliness and
grief …Pastis’s distinctive, heavily lined b&w illustrations effectively
convey the protagonists’ depth of emotion via amiable faces composed of
two dots for eyes and a curve nose, while prose contains his signature absurd
humor, which lightens this meditation on mourning.”– Publishers


“Readers will rally around Daniel, Saint, and elderly toy
store owner Muffins, while seeing the dilemmas faced by Saint’s mom and
Daniel’s uncle, who are struggling to make ends meet and care for their
children. With this hilarious book and its comical black-and-white
illustrations throughout, Pastis once again reaches out to reluctant readers
with a multilayered tale of loss, grief, and growing up. With an imaginative
ending that will make readers think, there is more than meets the eye in this
funny gem.”– School Library Journal


“A fabulous chapter book that, to an extent, doubles as an
all-age graphic novel too. There’s so much to love about Looking Up that you
won’t be sure what your favorite aspect of the book is. The humor fires on all
cylinders. The heart of the book sneaks up on readers and provides a story on
dealing with the ups and downs of life, as well as the invaluable worth of a
great friend. If you’re in middle elementary school or middle school, you will
love this book. It provides those ages something to learn, but it’s
wrapped alongside so much humor and fun that it will be irresistible to all
ages eight and up.” – Daddy Mojo  





About Stephan Pastis:


Stephan Pastis is the creator of the syndicated comic
strip Pearls Before Swine, which appears in over 800 newspapers. He
is also the creator of the Timmy Failure book series and the cowriter of the
Disney+ movie Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made. He lives in
Northern California with his wife and two kids. –This text refers to
the hardcover edition.


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon





Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a finished copy of LOOKING UP, US ONLY.

Ends October 10th, midnight EST.

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Spotlight on THE COLDEST WINTER I EVER SPENT (Ann Jacobus), Excerpt Plus International Giveaway!

September 22nd, 2023 by

Today we’re spotlighting The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent by Ann Jacobus!

Read on for more about Ann Jacobus, the book, and an international giveaway!




About the Author: Ann Jacobus

Ann Jacobus is the author of young adult novels THE COLDEST WINTER I EVER SPENT, and ROMANCING THE DARK IN THE CITY OF LIGHT. She has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, teaches novel writing at Stanford Continuing Studies, and is a former suicide crisis line counselor and a mental health advocate. She learned to tap dance at an early age and wanted to be a theater director until she realized she could produce, direct, cast, and act in any story she wanted by writing fiction.

Website * Instagram * LinkedIn

XFacebook * Pinterest * Goodreads




About the Book: The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent

18-year-old Delilah is in a healthier place than she was a year and a half ago: She’s sober, getting treatment for her depression and anxiety, and volunteering at a suicide-prevention hotline. Her own suicide attempt is in the past, and living in San Francisco with her beloved aunt and working at her art gallery has helped Del see a future for herself.

But when Aunt Fran is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Del’s equilibrium is shattered. She’s dedicated herself to saving every life she can, but she can’t save Fran. All she can do is help care for her aunt and try to prepare herself for the inevitable—while also dealing with an old crush, her looming first semester at college, and her shifts at the crisis line.

After Aunt Fran asks for her help with a mind-boggling final request, Del must confront her own demons and rethink everything she thought she knew about life and death.

Amazon * B&N * IndieBound * Goodreads






Chapter 1

June 21, 2015

“Bay Area Crisis Line. This is Del, how can I help you?”

Silence. Breathing.

Not unusual.

The phone number on the caller ID is blocked. Also not unusual. We answer calls that feed in from the national suicide hotline. Three of us are in the stuffy call room tonight. Two more should be in any minute.

I doodle a lighthouse on my notepad. “If you’d like to talk to me, I’m here.” My midnight-blue nail polish is already chipped.

“This is, uh, Jane,” a girl murmurs.

“Hi, Jane. How are you this evening?” That’s probably not her real name. It doesn’t matter.

“Not good.” She sounds my age—eighteen—or a little older, but her voice is alarmingly flat.

“Are you feeling suicidal?” We gently ask everyone as soon as possible. Hearing this question would’ve been a huge relief for me a couple of years ago.


“Do you have a plan? How you would attempt suicide?” Standard assessment. I steal a sip of my decaf latte. Twilight from the barred bay window illuminates our eight computer and phone stations along opposite walls.


“Will you share with me what it is?”

“I’m at the Golden Gate Bridge.”

I bolt upright. “Now?”


She not only has a plan that’s lethal. It’s imminent.

Ohmigod. I’ve never had a Level Five. Two months of intense training just bolted from my brain.

“I, um.” What to do first?

Locate her.

I wave frantically at my shift partner, Isabel, who’s engrossed in her own conversation.

“Are you on the San Francisco side?” I ask Jane, sort of calmly. You might not be able to handle this.

I hold up my fingers at Isabel: A FIVE. She jerks a nod and asks her caller to call back.


“You’re on the bridge now?” I fumble, click, close, and finally open the internal messaging function on my computer screen to communicate with Isabel and the volunteer coordinator, Quentin. Was supposed to do it first thing.

Jane responds in slo-mo. “In the parking lot. In my car.”

“Okay thank you for letting me know that will you tell me what’s going on Jane? Why you’re there?” I’m in hyper-drive.

Deep breath. Slow down. Get in sync with her.

Isabel has alerted Quentin, and now she’s listening in on her phone. She’ll gather info in case we need to call 911. My job is to concentrate on Jane and to deescalate the situation.

“I’ve been thinking about it. A long time,” Jane says.

“I’m really glad you called us. Has anything happened recently that made up your mind?”

“My mother died.”

“When was this?”

“A month ago.”

“I’m so sorry. That must be incredibly hard.”

She doesn’t answer, probably going, Duh.

I know exactly how hard it is. My mom died when I was thirteen. Dr. Vernon says I still need to come to “better terms” with her death.

A recent big loss for Jane. Not good.

An IM from Quentin pops on my screen: Identifying info? physical description, make/model of car?

“Are you still in your car?”


“What kind is it?”

“A rental.” So she must be at least twenty-five to be able to rent. She may have come to San Francisco just for the Golden Gate Bridge. They’re putting up a safety net soon and we cannot


Isabel’s typing stuff to Quentin and filling out questions for the dispatcher.

“Is there anyone in the parking lot with you?” My hands shake like I just drank four real espressos instead of a double decaf.


“Any other cars?”

“Yeah. But nobody.” Her voice is as hollow as a moon crater.

“Is your car on?”


She knows I’m trying to get info and is resisting. Best to drop it for now. Jane’s got to trust me enough to keep talking and I have to help her find a reason to hang on a little longer.

Come on, Del!

Copyright 2023 Ann Jacobus All rights reserved





Title: The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent

Author: Ann Jacobus

Release Date: March 7, 2023

Publisher: Carolrhoda Lab/Lerner Publishing Group

ISBN-10: 1728423953

ISBN-13: 978-172842395

Genre: YA Contemporary

Age Range: 14+





Three (3) winners will receive a Signed hardback of The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent with bookmark and Ghiradelli chocolate (Ann Jacobus) ~ International
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Rockstar Tours: 10 Dogs (Emily Gravett), Excerpt & Giveaway! ~ US ONLY

September 15th, 2023 by


I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the 10 DOGS by Emily Gravett Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


About The Book:

Title: 10 DOGS

Author: Emily Gravett

Pub. Date: September 19, 2023

Publisher: Boxer Books

Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook

Pages: 32

Find it: Goodreads 


Award-winning, bestselling author and
illustrator Emily Gravett delivers a hilarious tale of mishap and mayhem as ten
dogs pursue a chain of sausage links in this early-learning picture book,
perfect for anyone looking for books for 3-year-olds and up.  

From dachshund to dalmation, every dog wants a piece of the prize. Follow this
high-stakes adventure as the scales tip from one dog with all the sausages and
nine dogs with none to nine dogs with all the sausages and one dog with none.
Will ten hungry dogs ever find a way to share ten tasty treats?

Gravett’s playful art and clever plot twists create page-turning suspense,
making this dog book perfect for repeat read-aloud fun.

This charming counting book is perfect for helping young readers learn about
sharing as well as how to countn to ten. Emily Gravett’s adorable dog art
makes 10 Dogs just as appealing to those looking for funny dog
books as it is for anyone searching for kids books for ages 3—5.




About Emily Gravett:


Emily Gravett is the two-time winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal
for Wolves and Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears.
Her internationally award-winning picture books include Meerkat MailTidy, and Old
. She has illustrated bestselling fiction, including Matt Haig’s Evie
and the Animals
 and a recent full-color edition of Quidditch
Through the Ages

Instagram | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub


Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a finished copy of 10 DOGS, US Only.

Ends September 26th, midnight EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spotlight on How Do You Live? (Genzaburō Yoshino), Excerpt Plus Giveaway! ~US Only

September 14th, 2023 by

Today we’re spotlighting HOW Do You Live? by Genzaburō Yoshino, Translated by Bruno Navasky, Foreword by Neil Gaiman!

Read on for more about Genzaburō Yoshino, Bruno Navasky, and Neil Gaiman, the book, and a giveaway!




About the Author: Genzaburō Yoshino

Genzaburō Yoshino (1899-1981) was a Japanese writer and publisher. In 1935, he became director of a collection of educational books for young people. When the acclaimed writer Yūzō Yamamoto was unable to complete a book on ethics as part of the series, Yoshino stepped in and wrote How Do You Live?. Since its debut as a novel and guide to philosophy for young people, How Do You Live? has sold more than two million copies and been re-edited and republished more than eighty times to reflect the changing times and culture in Japan.




About the Translator: Bruno Navasky

Bruno Navasky is a teacher and writer, whose work as a translator and editor includes Festival in My Heart: Poems by Japanese Children and Poem in Your Pocket for Young Poets, as well as translations published in The New York Times and The Paris Review. He was the founding editor of American Poet, the journal of the Academy of American Poets, where he now serves on the board of directors. He lives and works in New York City.




About the Author: Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is the author of many bestsellers for readers of all ages, including Stardust, American Gods, Sandman, Anansi Boys, Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett), The Graveyard Book (winner of the Newbery Medal), and Coraline. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.




About the Book: How Do You Live?

Now in paperback with an introduction by Neil Gaiman: the classic Japanese coming-of-age story that has sold more than two million copies, inspired anime master Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited AwayThe Boy and the Heron), and become a New York Times bestseller. 

After the death of his father, fifteen-year-old Copper must confront inevitable and enormous change, including the aftermath of his own betrayal of his best friend. Between episodes of Copper’s emerging story, letters from his uncle share knowledge and offer advice on life’s big questions. Like his namesake Copernicus, Copper looks to the stars and uses his discoveries about the heavens, earth, and human nature to answer the question of how he will live.

First published in 1937 in Japan, Genzaburō Yoshino’s How Do You Live? has long been an important book for Academy Award-winning animator Hayao Miyazaki. Perfect for readers of philosophical fiction like The Alchemist and The Little PrinceHow Do You Live? serves as a thought-provoking guide for young readers as they grow up in a world both infinitely large and unimaginably small.

Amazon * B&N * IndieBound * Goodreads







This is such a strange book, and such a wise book. I wish I had been given it as a small boy, but I suspect I would have found it puzzling or even dull: a book-length essay about how we live our lives, interrupted by the story of a pre-war schoolboy in Japan dealing with friendship and bullying; or a story about growing up, bravery, cowardice, social class and finding out who you are, interrupted by essays about scientific thought and personal ethics. Sometimes the joy of books that seem to contain opposing elements is realising that without both things, you would have a lesser book. (There’s a book called Moby-Dick by Herman Melville that contains a story about a doomed hunt for a white whale and also contains essays about whales and whale hunting. Some people like one part of the story, and some like the other. For me, the joy is that the book contains both parts, pulling at each other, each informing the other side, and that if you removed either part you would have a less interesting book.)

I read How Do You Live? now, in this sparkling new translation, because Hayao Miyazaki is basing his next film on it. It’s a film he has said that he is making for his grandson, as a gift to the future.

The finest time I spent with Mr Miyazaki was in the building he was making for the children of the neighbor- hood around Studio Ghibli, where he makes his cartoons. It was built of wood, and there was a bridge across it, inside, too small for adults to cross, but the perfect size for children to go exploring. It was a space for the whole person.

Miyazaki makes films for whole people and makes films about consequences. When I worked on the English- language script of his film Princess Mononoke, I was astonished when I finally realised that everything in the film was about consequences of acts and actions: seemingly unrelated events are actually the consequences of other events or actions, and everyone in the film is acting according to what they believe to be their best interests without realising that what they do affects everyone else.

In How Do You Live?, Copper, our hero, and his uncle are our guides in science, in ethics, in thinking. And on the way they take us, through a school story set in Japan in 1937, to the heart of the questions we need to ask our- selves about the way we live our lives. We will experience betrayal and learn about how to make tofu. We will examine fear, and how we cannot always live up to who we think we are, and we learn about shame, and how to deal with it. We will learn about gravity and about cities, and most of all, we will learn to think about things—to, as the writer Theodore Sturgeon put it, ask the next question.

Books like this are important. I’m so glad Mr Miyazaki is making his film, not least because it means that, eighty- four years after it was written, Genzaburo¯ Yoshino’s novel can be read in English, in Bruno Navasky’s gentle and winning translation, and that I got to read it.

– Neil Gaiman




Title: How Do You Live?

Author: By Genzaburō Yoshino, Translated by Bruno Navasky, Foreword by Neil Gaiman

Release Date: 9/12/23

Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers

ISBN-10: 164375307X

ISBN-13: 9781643753072

Genre: Juvenile Fiction / People & Places / Asia, Juvenile Fiction / Social Themes / Friendship, Juvenile Fiction / Visionary & Metaphysical

Age Range: 10 – 14





Five (5) winners will receive a paperback copy of How Do You Live? (Genzaburō Yoshino) ~US Only
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You are here: Spotlight on How Do You Live? (Genzaburō Yoshino), Excerpt Plus Giveaway! ~US Only