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(Updated: December 30, 2016)
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Caravan tells the story of Scarlett, who's sister went to the mysterious Caraval with a boy she has just met. Scarlett chases her, of course, and finds herself to be in trouble almost immediately. She is engaged, has a violent father and is now stranded on an unknown mysterious island. On the island, Caraval takes place. An event full of magic and danger, and with a great price: a wish. But when her sister disappears, she has to do everything in her power to save what is most important to her. But does Scarlett really now what, or who, that is?

The most outstanding of Caraval is the setting. The story is set in a world we don't know. Stephanie Garber is really creative and did awesome things with names and places that made me think of Pirates of the Caribbean. Tropical, magical and super interesting. It is completely different from any YA book I've read this year and I totally appreciate the originality of the story. It's told as if you're watching a movie. It will make you keep reading, even when the storyline isn't really going anywhere (at some points, it didn't).

Like I said: the story was a bit slow sometimes. At some moments, I could just put it down and do something else. I could put it down. But the way the story was told, kept me picking up the book over and over again. Halfway through the book, the pace picked up. All of the sudden there was loads of action and the ending really surprised me. Some big plot twist happened which I didn't see coming and that I liked. The ending of the book swept me away and got me all excited about the book.

The characters in the book are good. Julian, the guy who takes the sisters to Caraval, really is annoying. He doesn't listen, he just wants to do things his way and doesn't take Scarlett's feeling seriously. There is some tension between Julian en Scarlett, but I just hoped they wouldn't end up together. After finishing the book, I liked Julian a whole lot more. Somehow, these characters work together. Scarlett's sister, Donatella, is a dreamer. She sees the best in everybody which makes her a bit naive at some points. At the end, they make a good team.

Like I said: the book didn't start out too well for me. But the ending really surprised me and got me all psyched about its sequel (which will come soon, I hope). It's an easy read once you get to know the characters and read through the first couple of chapters. Stephanie's writing style is really captivating and I think the book speaks to a bigger audience. If you like Julie Kagawa, or maybe Maggie Stiefvater, you will adore this book!
Good Points
- Writing style is captivating
- Original world
- Plot twists at the ending
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