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intriguing picture book about cars and environmentalism
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BYE, CAR is a simple and fun rhyming read of opposites. Two children are heading out for the day, saying goodbye to all the cars they see. Notably, many of these are opposites, such as near and far and noisy and quiet. The book ends with them saying hello to greener and cleaner vehicles, giving it a subtle message about changing and updating cars to be kinder to the environment.

What I loved: This is a simple and quick read of vehicles that young lovers of cars will enjoy. The use of opposite words is helpful for some additional learning opportunities. An interesting thing in the book is the use of face masks in the illustrations that will reflect children's own experiences. The rhyming text rolls off the tongue smoothly and makes for a pleasant read. The super-simple and brief text will appeal to the youngest of readers, particularly toddlers. Colorful illustrations and a unique style make for a visually pleasing read as well.

What left me wanting more: The story makes more sense when you are able to read the synopsis, as the only mentions of more environmentally friendly vehicles is at the very end. I am not sure if this message will come across, but it may be too complex for the intended audience anyway. As a small thing, the text is also sometimes scattered across a page, so it can be tough to make sure you find them in the rhyming order.

Final verdict: A simple and colorful read, BYE, CAR is a rhyming journey that will appeal to toddlers who love vehicles.
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