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“Whoosh, whizz, whine, and whir, this is the sound of nature.”

BUZZ, CROAK, HISS, AND HOOT is a lyrical children’s book that teaches about all the wonderful sounds of nature. All you have to do is pay attention and listen to be rewarded with a symphony from the different creatures and the environment. There’s also a message about how trash and filth pollute the air and our earth. This teaches children to be aware of the part they play with nature.

The illustrations are vibrant and bold which will catch a child’s eye on the first look. They are also a good mixture of cartoon-y and realistic images. Each line reads like a lyric from a song but it catches in a few places. Not enough to fully take away from the melodic flow but enough to stand out. Overall, this is a stimulating read that makes me want to take my daughter outside and have her listen to the world around her.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this book to children who enjoy nature and going outside or for those parents looking to inspire their children to expand their activities out of the house.
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