Bug (Little Life Cycles)

Bug (Little Life Cycles)
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March 07, 2023
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Meet Bug, a small, wiggly caterpillar. Follow along as Bug transforms into a butterfly in this beautifully illustrated board book for the very young.

From leaves and lily pads to grassy meadows and apples, hungry little Bug munches and crunches through everything it can find before entering into its chrysalis for a big change . . . In a fun, informative board book that explores the life cycle of a caterpillar, readers can follow along with every stage of Bug’s transformation into a beautiful butterfly. A die-cut throughout the book emphasizes how nature is full of changes—and how you can always tell when a hungry caterpillar has been around!

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Great for Hungry Caterpillar Fans!
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Maggi Li is back again with another life cycle book just in time or Spring. This time a hungry caterpillar is featured. It has a few more adventures than the typical caterpillar probably experiences but in line with Eric Carle’s classic tale of a hungry caterpillar, it eats its days away until it is ready to go into a chrysalis and emerge a beautiful butterfly. I like that it includes the word chrysalis and it has illustrations that are engaging. I was hoping the book would mention that the caterpillar stays close to where it hatches and usually only eats specific types of plants. This was a bit more fictional in that it travels with a bird high in the sky on an apple. However, I will likely include this book with other books for our unit on spring and butterflies that I will be using with preschoolers.
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