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(Updated: May 24, 2024)
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BOUND BY SWORD AND SPIRIT was the perfect conclusion to the trilogy. Ara’s group of friends have to go their separate ways to accomplish their goals. Nimhea goes to rally the rebellion behind her crown. Along the way, she learns that they have a great ally in the Vok and that the person who helped raise Ara is a great rebel leader. Ara and Lahvja finish the quest to restore Ara as the Loresmith and gain the blessing of the gods. Lahvja becomes a Lore knight and gains a powerful one-time gift to raise the most powerful Lore knights from the past to come help. This solved my question of how we were going to get to ten Lore Knights when all the books so far just had a few discovered.
Teth was captured in the last book and we finally learn his fate. He is conveniently placed with Prince Eamon which allows them to work past the hard feelings of Eamon’s betrayal and come up with a way that they can get close enough to hurt the Vokkans. I found these chapters the most riveting and I was the most unsure over their ability to survive the ordeal.
Overall, this book hit all the major points of a satisfying epic quest involving the gods and magic. I never had any doubts about their success but that didn’t diminish the enjoyment I had from joining these characters on their journey. My favorite character was Teth. He may not have been the main character but I gravitated to any scenes he was in as the most enjoyable. I highly recommend this trilogy for fans of high fantasy/quest fantasy themes.
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