Books Aren’t Dangerous Campaign




Do you remember that book that changed your life as a reader, or maybe just your life in general? You do? That’s great! 




Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, authors of the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES series, have started a campaign called BOOKS AREN’T DANGEROUS. For every picture of a book that uses #BooksArentDangerous, a book will be donated to an underserved school or library!


We put our team of staff reviewers to the test and here are some of the pictures and stories they shared with us to help keep this campaign going. Pictures were shared on social media first with #BooksArentDangerous and then passed along to us here at YABC! 







“Tamora Pierce’s books changed my life. Her stories about female knights and their adventures gave me the courage I needed to become the athlete that I am today.”–Hannah, Staff Reviewer






“I picked Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, because when I read the book, I finally understood how one action can have so much affect. It might seem small, but in reality, it can change things. It can change things for better or worse, but it can change. It taught me to think about my actions and realize that they have an opposite and equal reaction (physics ha!). Even though this book really got me upset (I cried), I think this book truly changed my life and the way I think about what I want to do with my life!Nanouk, Staff Reviewer




Storm Siren taught me how to embrace my emotions and not push them away.”–Samantha, Staff Reviewer






“The DUNE series by Frank Herbert was the first series that introduced me to sci-fi as a teen.  I loved the surrealism throughout which spoke to me during a very difficult time of my life.  I have to say this series was a life saver for me.”–Kim, Staff Reviewer





“OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET was the first book to show me that sci-fi can be deeply beautiful, poetic, and profound. I am still in awe of this book, each time I re-read.”–Mandy, Staff Reviewer





“Harry Potter is the reason I’m a reader and a writer. I think it’s safe to say I owe the literary life I have now to a boy wizard and his adventures.”–Kayla, Blog Manager and Staff Reviewer





In the Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater Rhodes inspired me to write. The author was thirteen when it got published, and so was I. It let me know that you are never too young to start trying to achieve your dreams.”–Zoraida, Staff Reviewer 




“C.S. Lewis taught me to love stories, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe taught me I could escape into them when “real life” was more than I could bear. It was comforting to imagine a magnificent world could be entered through the most mundane of places.”  —Angela, Staff Reviewer



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**You can find more information about the #BooksArentDangerous campaign HERE.