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The first thing you notice about this book, besides the crossed out word eating (as in, Books are for Eating), is that two corners are brightly colored baby teethers and theres a handy (for little hands) hole in an opposite corner, making it easy to grasp.

So I field tested the book by putting it down in front of my 10 month old baby. He immediately and without any hesitation whatsoever stuffed one of the chew toy corners in his mouth and started to go to town on it. Obviously, books are for eating.

They are also for reading, as this book cutely attests. Other things that are not for eating? How about phones and shoes and even dog toys? Baby, of course, quite happily chomps down on all of these things.

A very cute book. My only quibble is with the very end. I thought it a little odd that it ended with having to give Grandma a kiss (though baby looks as though hes going to chomp on her nose instead). It would have been more all-inclusive if it had simply been a generic Give me a kiss instead of Grandma. But thats a very small concern (especially to a Grandma). Recommended for any teething rug rats.
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