Live Author Chat with Jennifer L. Armentrout!


Join us for a live chat with author Jennifer L. Armentrout, tonight at 9pm Eastern!

Discuss your favorite books, characters, and ask Jennifer all your burning questions. There will be a trivia contest and the winner will receive a signed copy of OPAL! (US-only please)

Here's how the chat will work:
- This will not be a free-for-all chat, which means all questions will be held in a queue and answered one at a time.
- You may post hellos and replies to Jennifer, but they will not show up in the main chat screen. However, she will still be able to see them!
- We will post questions for Jennifer in the order they are received.
- Be patient! We will try to get to everyone's questions, but we hope you understand if we run out of time.
- Please do not ask why your posts aren't showing up in the main chat screen. If you do, we'll know you didn't read this important message, and we'll all point and laugh at you. ;-)

Here's how the trivia will work:
- You will need a Twitter or FB account to answer the trivia questions.
- Trivia questions will appear in a popup window. 
- You will have only a few minutes to answer the question before it is no longer active. That means no searching online, no scanning Google Books, no flipping pages. This is from memory, folks!
- Please no complaining or whining about the trivia contest. If you have computer or Internet issues, please understand glitches happen. Be a good sport and congratulate the winner. Mkay?
- One awesome US winner will receive a signed copy of OPAL. Woot!

That's it! Let's get ready to ruuuuuumble!!

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