Live Author Chat with Shannon Messenger!

Bookmark this page and join us here on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012, for a live chat with Shannon Messenger, author of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES! Ask all your burning questions, compete in our trivia contest, and participate in KEEPER polls! The trivia winner will receive a signed copy of the book and some swag! (US shipping addresses only please.)


This will not be a free-for-all chat. All questions will be held in a queue, so they will not show up in the chat stream right away. Shannon will answer your questions one at a time, in the order they are received. While Shannon is answering the questions, trivia and poll questions will pop up randomly in your chat window. You can choose to answer them, or you can simply dismiss the questions. 

If you would like to send a comment to Shannon — like Hi Shannon! or That's awesome!!!1!! or That's my favorite My Little Pony too! — you may do so, and Shannon will be able to see all of your comments. But your comments will not show up in the chat screen

Please do not ask why your comments aren't showing up in the chat screen. If you do, we'll know you didn't read the **IMPORTANT** notice beforehand, and we might point and laugh at you. Be forewarned. ;-)

For a free-for-all chat and discussion about KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES, (where all comments are posted immediately in the chat screen at once, making everyone's heads spin) join us for our Book Club Chat on Thursday, December 20th! Hope to see you at both chats!



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