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Meet Katharine & Elizabeth Corr!

Elizabeth and Katharine Corr have been writing since they were children. They keep in touch any way they can, discussing their work via phone, text and skype, and have been known to finish each other’s sentences – and not just when they are writing! Their debut YA novel is THE WITCH’S KISS.




Meet The Witch's Blood!

Who can you trust when no one around you is who they seem? The final spell-binding book in The Witch's Kiss trilogy by authors and sisters, Katharine and Elizabeth Corr.

Life as a teenage witch just got harder for Merry when her brother, Leo, is captured and taken into an alternative reality by the evil witch Ronan. Determined to get Leo back, Merry needs to use blood magic to outwit her arch-rival. Merry is now more powerful than ever, but she is also more dangerous. Within the coven, loyalties are split on her use of blood magic. In trying to save Leo, Merry will have to confront evil from her past and present, and risk the lives of everyone she’s ever loved. Given the chaos she’s created, just what will she sacrifice to make things right?

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~ Excerpt ~

Leo shivered and reached for a blanket lying nearby, pulling it tightly around his shoulders.

Someone just walked over my grave.

That’s what Gran would have said.

But there was more to it than that, he was sure. The sensation of his sister being nearby had felt impossibly real: as if she’d physically been there in the room with him. Maybe… maybe it meant something. Maybe Merry had finally found a way to follow him to wherever this place was, and now she was here, planning her attack on Ronan. And because their bond was so strong, he could somehow guess, he could somehow know, when she was near…

He shook his head, still slightly disorientated.


At first Leo had dreamt about Merry rescuing him almost every night. She’d show up, sometimes alone, sometimes with Gran, or with Mum and the rest of the Coven. There would be a vicious, bloody battle. The details would vary, but every time Merry would destroy Ronan, annihilate him, burn him into the earth until there was nothing left of him but ash, drifting across scorched ground. But over time – as weeks, then months passed – the dreams had become less frequent. Merry had not shown up, and Leo had not been rescued. He swallowed hard, trying to force back the now familiar tide of fear. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he was terrified at the thought that perhaps Ronan was right: Merry was never going to come for him.

It wouldn’t be because she’d hadn’t even tried. Despite Ronan’s taunts, Leo was certain that his sister would never willingly give up on him. He knew she would have tried – over and over – to find a way to free him. Hadn’t he seen her determination himself, on the day Ronan had kidnapped him? He could remember her fighting Ronan, just before Ronan dragged him back through the gateway, or portal, or whatever it was that had opened in the space by the Black Lake. Merry had been hurling spells at Ronan, and she’d almost defeated him. But then something had gone wrong. Leo blinked, trying to recall what he had seen. But the image was gone. He hadn’t been fully in control of either his body or his mind that day. And there had been so much pain…

Still, what did any of it really matter now? He knew that Merry loved him, and she was certainly a powerful witch. But perhaps she wasn’t powerful enough. Not this time… That sensation he’d felt earlier? It was most likely nothing more than the by-product of his increasingly fragile state of mind. Despair had driven him to hallucinate, to conjure up the ghostly presence of his sister when he needed her most.

It was late now, and the chill of evening was creeping in through the narrow, round-arched windows of his room. Leo lay on his bed and tried to sleep for a while, but he couldn’t stop thinking, couldn’t stop unwelcome thoughts intruding. Turning his head, he glanced at the marks he’d been carving into the grey flint wall to keep track of the days. By his reckoning, at least four months had past. Four whole months! Anger swelled in his chest. Four months of living – no, this couldn’t be called living – of merely existing in this place. Four months of waking every morning to panic, to a suffocating realisation that he was not in his bed at home. That he was not dreaming. That the everyday nightmare was, in fact, reality. Four months of Ronan professing his love for him, offering Leo everything he could possibly want or need; except, of course, his freedom. Four months of, for the main part, having no one else to talk to other than Osric, the servant who had been assigned to him. And Ronan, of course.

No wonder I’m starting to lose it. One way or another, I need to get out of here. I can’t wait for Merry any longer.

Looking towards the window and the dark skies outside, he sighed. The day was at an end. He picked up a stone, carefully carved another mark into the wall then shut his eyes. Eventually, he fell asleep.


The Witch's Blood

By: Katharine & Elizabeth Corr

Publisher: Harpercollins

Release Date: March 8th, 2018 






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