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Introducing Damaris @ Good Choice Reading, YABC's Blogger Of The Month!!




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 YABC:   Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

My name is Damaris. I am a wife and mom to two amazing boys who loves reading and talking about all things books. I am originally from New York, but I moved to South Jersey for a bit, and now I am currently in South Carolina. I love music, books, movies, and food. ☺


 YABC:   Describe how did you first get into blogging?

It all started with Twilight. My mother had passed and I needed something to clear my head, so my friend recommended Twilight to me. I started with the first book and completely got lost in the series. I wanted to find others who had read it and loved it as much as me. I started searching on the net and discovered MundieMoms. I immediately thought to myself what a great idea? Running a blog where you get to talk to readers about other books. So, Good Choice Reading was created. Then shortly after that, again thanks to MundieMoms, I discovered City of Bones. That was the next series I completely devoured and became obsessed with.


 YABC:    What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?

Honest, and clean reviews. Nothing disappoints me more than when I visit a blog and see a review for a book that I know they did not read, but yet they gave it a rating and wrote a short review. I tend not to visit those blogs anymore. Another important thing are buy links. Whenever a blogger shares information about a book I feel it’s important to include a buy link. I hate when I visit a blog and I like a book they have listed and cannot find a buy link.


 YABC:   Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?

This one is easy. MundieMoms for sure! They are the reason I started this journey.


 YABC:   What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Probably moving to South Carolina and leaving NY/NJ behind. Up north I made some amazing friends who were into reading as much as me and would attend events all the time. Living in South Carolina I’ve noticed there aren’t as many events here, or very many readers who love reading as much as me.

 YABC:   What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

When I see Advance copies up for sale or being swapped. It eats at me every single time. That is not what blogging is about, but maybe that’s just me. *shrug*


 YABC:   What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?

Instagram for sure! It has been a huge success for us. Next would be twitter.

 YABC:   How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Lately I haven’t had much time to read or review. When I do, it’s mostly at night when my kids are in bed. Sometimes early morning when they are in school.  


 YABC:   Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

I would love to do events again and make our virtual signings bigger and better.

 YABC:   Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and explain why they are your favorites?

Oh boy, this list can be super long! I can list my top 2 that I am constantly checking daily.

MundieMoms – because they rock!

Tales of a Ravenous Reader – They do a lot of AWESOME author interviews (video) and cover so many events.





THANK YOU Damaris for all your hard work and dedication to the blogging community and thank you for taking time out to allow us to interview you and share your thoughts with all of our readers!!! Keep up the good work and looking forward to all of your future posts!!!