Today we're excited to welcome May Freighter from Ireleand! She's here to share her novel Case: 0 (Annalise Storm Chronicles Book 1) as part of the YABC Around the World in 30 Days event! Read on for more about May and her novel!

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Meet May Freighter

May Freighter is an internationally bestselling author from Dublin, Ireland. She writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Sci-Fi mysteries that will keep you entertained, mystified, and hopefully craving more. Her only pets are cacti. They're the only things that survived. It may be too dangerous to entrust her with an animal while she's engrossed in writing. ​

On sunny, rainy, and overcast days, she spends her time with her fictional friends, putting them through dangerous adventures while wishing them the best of luck. Her hobbies are photography, drawing, and plotting different ways of characters' demise.


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Meet Case: 0

(Annalise Storm Chronicles Book 1) 

It’s the year 2330. At the end of the twenty-second century, the human race has divided into two distinct groups—purebloods and the ‘modded’. Those who are unfortunate enough to be genetically modified are now nothing but servants for their pureblooded masters. Living in this time, you know your place, and you do not cross the line. So, when a violent death occurs in the Bronze District, Annalise is ordered to take this as her trial run at Divinity PD to prove that she can do the job as a member of the Human Possession Department. To defy her father’s wish to marry her off, and keep her Chief happy, she is determined to solve this murder by any means necessary—even if it means going to districts she has only read about in textbooks and fighting her forbidden feelings for her servant. With internal battles, dirty politics, and sinister secrets, just how exactly will Annalise solve her Case: 0? And more importantly, will she live to see her next one?

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Case: 0 (Annalise Storm Chronicles Book 1) by May Freighter

A Question of Faith by Nicole Zoltack

Broken Silence by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Humanity's Hope by Pembroke Sinclair

Blood Oath by Kelly St Clare and Raye Wagner

The Clay Lion by Amalie Jahn

Freshman Fourteen by Beth Rodgers

The Inventress by Mary Victoria Johnson

Unexpected Mate by Bethany Wicker

Undertow by K.R. Conway

Airwoman by Zara Quentin

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