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Throne of Fury: A Sleeping Beauty retelling

(Kingdom of Fairytales Book 3) 

by J.A. Armitage

With the doctors no closer to curing Sleeping Beauty, Azia has to go out and figure it out herself, but with the little matter of her own history to solve and the upcoming competition to marry her off, finding time to do it is not going to come easy. When the arrival of a girl from Urbis brings some horrifying news, Azia knows that nothing is going to be easy. 

With a magic necklace, an elusive god and of course a faery desperate to make Azia his wife, Throne of Fury is the third spellbinding installment of The Kingdom of Fairytales series.

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Dating Nashville (Discovering Me Book 1) 

by Michelle MacQueen and Ann Maree Craven


How does a straight guy accidentally come out as gay to the entire country music world? 
I’ll get back to you when I know the answer. 
It all happened so fast. One moment, my best friend’s little brother is standing in a sea of people as his boyfriend breaks his heart. Again. 
The next, I’m jumping off stage mid-concert to give him the kiss of his life—or maybe the kiss of my life. 
I’m Beckett Anderson. Yes, that Beckett. The one who never does the smart thing, messes up daily, and somehow ended up with millions of screaming fans. 
Fans who now think I’m dating Nicky St. Germaine. 
The label says I can’t come out as straight (Is that even a thing?), that I can’t tell the world I lied. 
But this lie of mine… it doesn’t hold a candle to the one I tell myself.


How does the quiet gay guy end up kissing the straight country music star in front of thousands of his screaming fans?
I still can’t fathom what he was thinking when he jumped off that stage, but that kiss… None of it was real, but it felt like it. At least to me. 
I’m Nicky St. Germaine, son of a football Hall of Famer, best friends with rock star, Nari Won Song—and whatever I am to country music sensation, Beckett Anderson. The jury’s still out on that one. What does a small town kid do when so many of his friends and family are famous? He hides. Frequently. 
Now the spotlight is on me, and there is nowhere left to hide. I’m supposed to pretend to be Beckett’s adoring boyfriend for a few weeks, but that’s not so easy when I’d give almost anything for it to be true.

Book one in the Discovering Me series, Dating Nashville is a sweet M/M romance with a cocky country star, a shy small-town boy, and enough sparks between them to make you swoon.

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Crystal Wing Academy

by Marty Mayberry

Welcome to Crystal Wing Academy, where the magical Elite reign...and Outlings are an endangered species.

Magic doesn't exist in the human world. As far as I know. But when I fling a fireball at a bully, my horrified Mom dumps me at Crystal Wing Academy, a place straight out of my favorite fantasy books.

They tell me I'm an Outling, a wizard born from non-magical parents. Mom's human. Dad? I don't exactly know who he is....

One thing I do know is I'm not an Elite--descendants of the original six families who split from the Fae ages ago. At seventeen, their children and despised Outlings like me attend the Academy to learn to control our power.

I'm barely on campus when I'm targeted by a mean girl. Figures. Thankfully, the Academy's not all bad. My pixie roommate's awesome. I score a coveted moonstone during Stone Selection. And let's not forget Donovan, a cute guy who seems to like me, not the mean Elite girl who's determined to win him.

Except something's luring students into the forest and draining their power, leaving only shriveled husks behind.

The Headmistress warns me not to investigate, but the killer's after my friends. Big mistake there. My magical skills may be untrained and wild, but if a power-sucking vamp thinks he can harm people I care about, he's about to discover I'm a wizard unlike any other.

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The Inadequate Spy (Spy Academy Book 1) 

By: Scarlett Haven

Being the new girl on an all guys team is going to suck!

There are Spy School agents, and there are Spy School Royals. My family, we’re the royals.
I am fifth generation Spy School, the best of the best. My family started training me while I was still in the womb. Yet, despite all the training, I’m still a disappointment to them. Not good enough, not smart enough, not fast enough, and definitely not strong enough.
Even The Royals don’t think think I’m good enough, but I’ll show them. I’ll prove to everybody that I’m not as weak as they think I am.

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Shifted Fate

by Elena Lawson

Jared Stone is a freaking wolf. And I don’t mean that metaphorically, either…

I thought I had it bad—living in my dead Dad’s old hunting blind in the woods, barely staying alive on apples and ramen…that was before the storm hit and destroyed the only form of shelter I had left.

Enter, Jared. The hottest—and most unavailable—guy at school. Except he wasn’t Jared when he pulled me out of the mud. He wasn’t even human.

As if that wasn’t unsettling enough, when he brought me back to his cabin, I found he wasn’t alone. Another guy, one I’d only ever heard about in whispers beneath the bleachers, was there too. Clayton Armstrong: bad boy extraordinaire. And it turned out, he wasn’t human either.

Mindf*ck, right?

At first, all I want to do is run away. But I have nowhere to go, and for whatever messed up reason, Jared is insistent that I stay. Despite Clay’s loud protests.

So, now I’m stuck in a cabin in the woods with two hot as hell wolf shifters. One who wants to protect me. And another who wants to eat me for lunch…

What could go wrong?

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Melt My Heart

by A.R. Perry

Falling for a friend is a bad idea.
Falling for your best friend, well, that’s the worst idea in the world.

My best friend Cole Reed is that guy at our high school. Popular. Smart. Completely unattainable and clueless to these dangerous feelings I’ve been harboring for him. He’s also making it dang near impossible to ignore him these days. 

When our senior ski trip arrives, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to branch out. Too bad I end up couch-bound with a sprained ankle. What could have spelled disaster turns into a happy ending when I meet a handsome stranger from another school. 

But now all of a sudden Cole seems annoyed with my every move. Even worse, his jock friend, Ian is on my case more than usual. 

This whole dating thing has heart hazard written all over it. 

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The Uncommon Rider

by Sarah Noffke and Michael Anderle

The first dragon rider in over a hundred years has been born. 

And it’s a girl.  

Never before has a female been chosen to ride a dragon. 

The Elite, a guild comprised exclusively of dragon riders, is dead according to most. No one has seen a rider in decades. The problems they used to fight overwhelm the world. Dragons are thought to be near extinction.

However, the Elite aren’t dead…

It’s just that a bunch of crusty, old men who do nothing that benefits the world at large are easy to mistake as useless corpses.

Sophia Beaufont is about to change all of that. 

When the dragon egg that magnetized to her hatches, it sets Sophia on a new course. The Elite are immediately notified. She’s expected to train. To defend. To fight.

Sophia is ready to conquer evil, as the dragon riders should have been doing for centuries. 

However, the Elite have been turning a blind eye, allowing the world to be overrun by criminals.

That’s all about to change. 

S. Beaufont isn’t a girl who will be told to sit down and relax when a war is brewing that only a dragon rider can extinguish.  

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by Jillian Dodd

I’ve always written scripts for my perfect life.
But no way could I have ever scripted this. 
My life is so far from perfect, it’s not even funny.
All because of a stalker. 

I’m at a boarding school, where I have to lie about who I am. 
I can’t see my family. 
I’m tutoring a hottie god that tortures me with his smile. 
The most popular girl already hates me. 
But there’s this boy.
This hot, sweet, sexy boy.
So I’m going to stop trying to script my life and just live it.
Because who knows how long I have left.

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