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Welcome to YA Books Central's "What's Hot in KU" post. This weekly event will highlight what's hot, new and exciting in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Library.

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscription is a great way to enjoy unlimited reading on a tight budget. With over a million titles and counting, we thought a spotlight on our favorite KU hits was our logical next step in sharing the book love. Check us out on Thursdays.

Don't miss out on these fantastic reads, available in the Kindle Unlimited library and for purchase on Amazon.com

Dragon Born Trilogy 

by K. N. Lee

Soul-stealing pirates. Mischevious mermaids. Dragon royalty. Follow Rowen's epic journey from outcast to legend.

Dragon-Born is the three book boxed set of the epic adventure that captivated the world. Perfect for fans of Games of Thrones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Branden Sanderson's Mistborn. Embark on a magical journey through Dragon territory with half-blood Rowen and discover the truth of the Draconia's mysteries.

Boxset includes:
Half-Blood Dragon
Magic-Born Dragon
Queen of the Dragons

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The Thorn Chronicles

by Kimberly Loth

Naomi has never tried to run away…

until now.

Because now, her father wants her to get married. 
At sixteen.
The deadly cult that had kept her trapped for all these years just got a hundred times worse. Naomi sees no way out until one dark night when the impossible happens. 
That night, a boy sneaks into her room, kisses her and opens her eyes to a whole new, supernatural power. 
Using her newfound power, she fights back and discovers that she’s not the only one with power….

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Emerge: The Immortals of Indriell

by Melissa A. Craven

This boxset includes the first five books of the award winning Emerge series plus over 200 pages of bonus content. The series will continue with Emerge: The Heir, coming 5/28/2018

From Emerge: The Awakening (book 1)

She’s an orphan, an outcast, and … Immortal.
Allie Carmichael has never known true friendship. Even those closest to her can't stand to be near her. When she learns her family will be moving from Australia to the United States, Allie prepares for life as a loner on the other side of the world…
Except the warm welcome from a new group of friends changes everything. Especially Aidan McBrien, the only guy who’s ever dared to get to know her. But her new normal life—the one she’s always wanted—shatters when a painful transformation awakens the power within her and Allie discovers what it means to be Immortal. 
Aidan is her equal and their friendship could mend the hurt of their lonely pasts … or it could tear them apart. 
Allie must deal with the loss of her normal life amidst brutal training, her feelings for Aidan, and an ominous prophecy that threatens his future.

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Divisa: The Complete Series

by J.L. Weil

This box set includes all 5 novels and 2 novellas of the bestselling Divisa Series, and is over 2,000 pages of romance, teenage angst, and paranormal adventure.

Enter the Divisa World!

Angel Morgan was positive her life ended the day she moved to the ho-dunk town of Spring Valley, Illinois. The internet service was splotchy, there was nothing but miles of wheat fields, and her house was older than dirt.

Everything was looking gloomy, until she got an eyeful of her new neighbor. There was only one way to describe him—hot as hell. With his sinful dark looks, unusually silver eyes, and kissable lips, there was something more about Chase Winters than meets the eye.

Angel was about to find out how very different Spring Valley was.

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League of Vampires

by Rye Brewer

Three complete books filled with witches, vampires, fae, shades, and sexy characters in swoonworthy romances and nail-biting action. 

A vampire slayer by necessity.
Anissa Garnet is a vampire. She’s also a slayer. Anissa is no stranger to taking out the enemies of her clan leader. Her assignment is simple. Jonah Bourke is not to attend the League of Vampires. Ever. It should have been an easy kill. It should have been one and done. It would have been, if Jonah Bourke hadn’t saved her life. 
An assignment like no other. 
Vampire clan leader Jonah Bourke is that one. He didn’t plan to be a hero. He didn’t want to save the life of the slayer that was sent to kill him. Maybe he wouldn’t have, if he’d known. 
Too late now. 
Anissa just compounded his problems. Not that he didn’t have plenty: A rebellious twin who wants to claim leadership of their clan and a litany of supernaturals that want him dead.
So what’s a vampire to do when he saves the life of the vampire girl sent to kill him?

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by James David Victor

An aspiring space engineer, a shape-shifting alien, and the race to save an unknown alien race.

The first three books in the Amazon best selling Space Shifter Chronicles in one omnibus edition

Higgens has the best job in the galaxy. Except for the fact that he’s technically a janitor on a galactic mining vessel. When he discovers an unknown alien species, his world gets turned upside down. He will have to find unlikely allies if he is going to save his new friend and help her build a new home.

The Mimic and the Space Engineer Boxed Set contains the first three books in the Space Shifter Chronicles. If you like fast paced space adventures with engaging, and quirky, characters, you will love Higgens, Mimic, and their adventures in space.

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Vampire Wish

by Michelle Madow

This box set includes all five books in The Vampire Wish series by USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow and is over 1,200 pages of magic, romance, adventure, and twists you’ll never see coming.

Annika never thought of herself as weak—until vampires murdered her parents and kidnapped her to their hidden kingdom of the Vale.

As a brand new blood slave, Annika must survive her dangerous new circumstances—or face death from the wolves prowling the Vale’s enchanted walls. But sparks fly when she meets the vampire prince Jacen, and while she hates the thought of falling for the enemy, her connection with the mysterious prince could be the key to her freedom.

Because if she becomes a vampire, she’ll finally have the strength she needs to escape the Vale.

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Fate's Fables

by T. Rae Mitchell

This beautifully intricate fantasy, with its feisty heroine, breath-taking action and heart-wrenching romance, will delight fans of The Lunar Chronicles and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Reality sucks. Make-believe rocks. That's been Fate Floyd's motto for as long as she's been a fantasy geek. But now she can hardly tell what's real and what's not. She's been spelled and mysteriously trapped within a deadly fairy tale world bound by the Book of Fables. Her only way home is to travel through the book's 8 unfortunate fairy tales and change them into happily-ever-afters. And if dealing with scheming sorceresses, greedy goblins and heartless faeries isn't enough to test her sanity, there's Finn. The Scottish boy who looks like he stepped straight out of her dreams. As it turns out, make-believe isn't as fun as Fate thought it would be. The reality is, her road to freedom isn't straight, and danger lurks around every bend.

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Air Awakens

by Elise Kova

The complete, five book Air Awakens series from USA TODAY bestselling author Elise Kova.

Air Awakens, #1 bestselling YA Fantasy, described as, “Avatar the Last Airbender meets The Grisha Trilogy in Air Awakens.” and "…THE book for people that love the Throne of Glass series"


A library apprentice, a sorcerer prince, and an unbreakable magic bond...

The Solaris Empire is one conquest away from uniting the continent, and the rare elemental magic sleeping in seventeen-year-old library apprentice Vhalla Yarl could shift the tides of war.

Vhalla has always been taught to fear the Tower of Sorcerers, a mysterious magic society, and has been happy in her quiet world of books. But after she unknowingly saves the life of one of the most powerful sorcerers of them all--the Crown Prince Aldrik--she finds herself enticed into his world. Now she must decide her future: Embrace her sorcery and leave the life she's known, or eradicate her magic and remain as she's always been. And with powerful forces lurking in the shadows, Vhalla's indecision could cost her more than she ever imagined.

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The Dragon Kings

by Kimberly Loth

Aspen doesn't know how to behave in front of the shifter dragon king....

And the consequences are deadly.

But, Aspen, never one to fear much of anything, tells him to get lost. If she knew who he was, she might act differently. But to her, Sid is just a reminder of a past she’d rather forget.

Sid won’t leave Aspen alone, because she’s the one girl that might be able to help save him and the rest of the dragons. 

He hadn’t planned on falling love…

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