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What's Hot in KU


Welcome to YA Books Central's "What's Hot in KU" post. This weekly event will highlight what's hot, new and exciting in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Library. 

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscription is a great way to enjoy unlimited reading on a tight budget. With over a million titles and counting, we thought a spotlight on our favorite KU hits was our logical next step in sharing the book love. Check us out on Thursdays. 


Curl up with these holiday stories, available in the Kindle Unlimited library and for purchase on Amazon.com





Book Cover for Noah Lyons is My Movie Star Boyfriend


Noah Lyons is My Movie Star Boyfriend by Emily Lowry


What happens when Hollywood’s hottest teen movie star falls for a regular teenage girl?

Sofia Ramirez is bored of the monotony of life in Evermore. At sixteen, she has a part-time job, she gets straight A’s, and she’s got a five-year plan. But little does she know, her entire world is about to be turned upside down…

Noah Lyons is THE hottest new movie star in Hollywood. This charming British boy lives a life of penthouses and private jets, constantly moving from location to location. But Noah has a secret — he wants to escape fame and live a regular high school life. Just for a little while.

When Sofia and Noah meet, they hatch a plan: he’ll give her all the amazing experiences fame and fortune can provide, and in exchange, she’ll help him live the life of an average high school student — complete with classes, pep rallies, and high school parties.

But Noah won’t stay in Evermore forever. And as the two begin to fall for each other, they must face a very real problem: can a relationship between a huge celebrity and a normal high schooler really work? 

Noah Lyons is My Movie Star Boyfriend is the fourth Rumors and Lies at Evermore High book. Each novel can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.  If you like adorable dates, fun characters, and Christmas miracles, you’ll love Emily Lowry’s sweet romances.


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Book Cover for His Christmas Angel


His Christmas Angel by Kylie Key


Forced to volunteer at the hospital is the last thing Chase Masters wants to do over the Winter Break.
He’d rather be spending his days on the snow with his friends.
After all, it was only a little trouble that he caused…

Christmas is Angelina Smith's favorite time of year.
She loves the bustle of helping out at her family’s Christmas Tree Farm.
It doesn’t seem fair that she’s scheduled for chemo treatment the week of Christmas.

When Chase mistakes Angelina for a fellow volunteer, the two don’t exactly get off to the best of starts, but the Spirit of Christmas is a wondrous thing…
Can Chase and Angelina open their hearts and find the joy of Christmas together?


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Book Cover for Princess Claus and the Great Escape


Princess Claus and the Great Escape by J.L. Gillham


Her legacy is to take on the most well-known job in the world. But is she up to the challenge?
Fourteen-year-old Noelle, nicknamed Princess Claus, is the next in line to become Santa. If that isn’t enough pressure, she’s been trapped in Winter Wonderland her entire life thanks to an evil elf out to kidnap her in hopes of ruining Christmas. Her only option—run away.
When the burden of becoming the next Santa is more than Noelle can stand, will she embrace her destiny or find a way to escape Winter Wonderland once and for all?
Find out in this lighthearted and magical retelling of an old tale with a new character who might be headed for the naughty list!


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Book Cover for The Holiday Boyfriend


The Holiday Boyfriend by Christina Benjamin


Will mistletoe grant second chances this Christmas?

Emma Rhodes is hesitant to return to Manhattan for Christmas.
After all, she left for a reason.
A tall, dark and handsome reason named Will Taylor.
Her dilemma?

If she can’t handle a holiday in the same city as the boy who broke her heart how can she expect to return once she finishes high school?

New York is a big city.
It’s not likely they’ll run into each other, right?


When Will stumbles over Emma in his new apartment building he can’t believe his luck!
She was the one that got away.
Now he has a plan to make sure it never happens again.

Will’s plan to win Emma back hinges on giving her the best Christmas ever.
He’s sure he can use the magic of Manhattan at Christmas to show her the spark between them still exists.

Will his quest to prove his love succeed…
Or are second chances one Christmas wish that won’t be granted?


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Book Cover for The Trouble with Christmas


The Trouble With Christmas by Robin Daniels


Chrissy Jensen lives in a town full of Christmas fanatics. Too bad she hates everything about the holiday. Aside from her justifiable grievances, the endless barrage of displays and events is enough to make any girl gag. Nothing has ever been able to thaw her frozen yuletide heart. But when her brother brings a handsome friend home for the holiday, she starts to reconsider her contemptuous attitude. The deliciously yummy houseguest LOVES Christmas. Pretending to share his sentiment couldn’t hurt. Right?

Wrong. The sudden personality transplant doesn’t sit well with her best friend Nate. He perpetuates the deception in order to get even, which causes an agonizing dilemma. Now, Chrissy must keep up the charade—with a cheerful disposition—or risk being caught in her lie.


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Book Cover for The Candy Cane Kiss


The Candy Cane Kiss by Maggie Dallen


Fake kisses shouldn't taste so sweet...

When Briarwood High's star quarterback winds up in the hospital over Christmas break, he's sure that's as bad as it can get.

He's wrong.

The irritating new girl in school, Lola? She's volunteering as a candy striper on his floor. As if it's not bad enough that he's forced to interact with the painfully cheerful holly-jolly Christmas elf, he makes things a million times worse by kissing her to make his ex jealous.

In his defense, Lola was the only girl in the vicinity. This argument... It does not go over well with Lola.

One thing's clear. He couldn't have chosen a worse fake girlfriend if he'd tried. But while he needs her to play along, it turns she could use his help, too. So this Christmas, they're gonna have to call a truce if they mean to get what they want...

Especially if what they want is each other.


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Book Cover for Whisper


Whisper by C.K. Brooke


Kestrel Rosemont just wants a place to belong. An artist at heart, stuck with a prim, practical family that doesn’t always understand her imagination and whimsy, she longs to create a world of her own.

When mysterious whispering lights appear by the woods one winter night, Kestrel is drawn into an enchanted land of eternal spring, where an enigmatic prince welcomes her warmly, seeming convinced she's his bride. As the Christmas holiday approaches, Kestrel straddles a secret double-life between home and the Whisper Kingdom. But beneath the surface, something dark is lurking with the power to end all she doesn’t even realize she holds dear. Soon, Kestrel must decide for herself where she truly belongs.


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Book Cover for A Midwinter's Wedding


A Midwinter's Wedding by Melanie Cellier


Princess Cordelia is used to being overshadowed by her many brothers and sisters. So when she's offered the chance to attend her brother's wedding in a faraway kingdom, she leaps at it. In Northhelm, she'll finally have the chance to stand out. And maybe, just maybe, she'll even find romance.

But not everything in the Northhelmian court is as it appears. With her brother distracted by the wedding, only Ferdinand, the ugliest man at court, will listen to Cordelia's concerns. An observant princess and a strangely amphibious soldier may be the only thing standing between all Four Kingdoms and disaster.

Cordelia will have to overcome prejudice, deceit, and danger if she wants to save the day and find romance at A Midwinter's Wedding.


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Book Cover for Bells and Spells


Bells and Spells by Lana Melyan


Our Academy of Magic was invited by another one to a Christmas masquerade ball.
That should be fun.
Or I thought it would be. But so far I wasn’t sure if my three friends and I would make it there.
While the whole Academy was already on their way to Pittsburgh for the ball, someone conjured mystical powers to prevent our arrival.
Every step forward threw us two steps back, and our efforts to catch up with the others took us even farther from our destination.
What the heck? Was this some Christmas joke? Or was someone trying to punish us, or even avenge or challenge?
The four of us decided we would make it to that party no matter what. We were witches, and whatever or whoever was doing this to us was about to taste our—
Oh, come on, we’d already bought our dresses!


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Book Cover for The Nutcracker's Curse


The Nutcracker Curse by Margo Ryerkerk


The Selection meets The Last Unicorn.

Break the curse or turn into a nutcracker.

I thought that as the crown princess of Austria marriage was the main threat to my freedom. However, evading the foreign princes vying for my hand becomes the least of my worries when I touch a bespelled nutcracker and unleash a deadly curse. I have twelve days to feed the nutcracker the magical nut Crackatook. If I fail, my soul will become trapped inside the toy for all eternity and my body will turn to wood.

With time ticking, I saddle my unicorn and sneak out of the palace but am intercepted by my childhood friend and royal guard Philip. Philip doesn’t take no for an answer, and soon, we are off to lands filled with mythical creatures where we must evade traps and solve riddles.

Will we survive all trials and find the Crackatook in time? Or will I spend the rest of my days as a wooden doll?

If you like K.M Shea, Melanie Cellier, and Kiera Cass, you’ll love this clean YA Fairy Tale filled with adventure, love, magic, and a strong heroine!


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Book Cover for Mistletoe & Magic


Mistletoe & Magic: A YA Books Central Holiday Anthology


YA Books Central presents 12 heartwarming, bone chilling, and magically enchanting stories from the award-winning, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling authors of the YABC Staff. 

YABooksCentral.com is one of the leading children’s and adolescent literature sites on the web today.  With much love our staff of volunteers bring our readers this collection of YA stories representing the genres we love at the most wonderful time of the year.

From Contemporary Romance to Horror, Science Fiction, Dragons and Fantasy, this exclusive collection of complete Holiday stories offers something for every YA book lover this holiday season.

One click now to get into the holiday spirit!


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