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Welcome to YA Books Central's "What's Hot in KU" post. This weekly event will highlight what's hot, new and exciting in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Library. 

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscription is a great way to enjoy unlimited reading on a tight budget. With over a million titles and counting, we thought a spotlight on our favorite KU hits was our logical next step in sharing the book love. Check us out on Thursdays.

Don't miss out on these fantastic reads, available in the Kindle Unlimited library and for purchase on Amazon.com





Emerge (Immortals of Indriell Book 1)

by Melissa A. Craven

They claim she is Immortal.

They say he is her equal, an Immortal who can match her power. 

But she's just a normal girl. 

Until she isn't. 

Allie Carmichael is just your run of the mill, socially awkward redhead with a smart-mouth that gets her into trouble—which it does the morning she literally runs into Aidan McBrien. Her new next door neighbor. 

She’s drawn to Aidan in a way she can’t explain. For the first time in her life someone actually gets her. 

And then everything Allie thought she knew about herself falls apart. 

As a latent immortal power awakens deep inside her, and her first gifts begin to emerge, Allie must learn to adapt to her power before it overwhelms her. But she’s years behind her immortal peers, with precious little time to catch up. 

They say it is time to put her mortal life behind her, but she still feels like the normal girl she always thought she was.

But there is nothing normal about Allie Carmichael.

Fans of dark fantasy, twisty plots, and fated romance will devour this series.

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By: Hayley Osborn

Trapped in a time and place she didn’t want to visit, her only way home is to shape a legend.

Maryanne Warren knows Robin Hood is no hero.

He’s a thief and a murderer—his legend says it’s so.

When she’s forced back through time to medieval England, she must ignore what she knows and make him into something better. That’s the price of her ticket home.

But Maryanne shares an uncanny resemblance with the runaway fiancé of Rob’s greatest enemy—Sir Guy of Gisborne—and Gisborne soon comes calling to claim back his bride. Maryanne must fight him off and keep out of his way to stand any chance of completing her task and seeing her family again.

Gisborne doesn’t give up easily, and the more Rob teaches Maryanne about herself—and the more she realizes how much the poor need their new hero—the harder Gisborne fights to control her.

With Rob’s legend all but secured, Gisborne captures him and marches him to the gallows, leaving Maryanne a choice. Return to her own time and family, or give up her freedom and marry Gisborne to save the only person who ever understood her.

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by James Blackwood

When using magic is punishable by death, what would you risk to save those you love?

Tammuz has never left the sleepy fishing village of Aleesia. He longs to see what lies beyond the lake. He grew up listening to the legends of King Riehner and the Battlemages and how he united all the races together; humans, elves, and dwarves alike, to defeat the Kapre and bring unprecedented peace to Iradell. But all that changed a lifetime ago when Tzelder, a former Battlemage student, usurped Riehner and has ruled Iradell since.

Now, under Tzelder's rule, magic is illegal, and using it is punishable by death. No one has seen an elf or dwarf in decades, and Tamm feels trapped between the mountains and the lake, drowning in mediocrity. With his sixteenth birthday fast approaching, he must make a choice; choose an apprenticeship like the rest of the young men his age or flee Aleesia in search of the adventure he's always desired. 

Unfortunately, Tamm soon learns you don't have to leave to find adventure; sometimes it finds you. After someone close to him is fatally injured, Tamm discovers a magic that could save them, but it will put him at odds with the king. All the while, an ancient enemy is poised to return and threatens the town he always thought he wanted to leave.

Will his limited knowledge of magic help him save those he loves, or will it get him killed? Can he become the hero he's always wanted to be? Through him, can the Battlemages be Reborn?

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Circus of the Dead

by Kimberly Loth

There are many ways to die at the Circus of the Dead. 

You’re invited to witness them all. 

Mom sent me all the way across the country to the Louisiana bayou to join the circus and help my uncle for the summer.  

Except there is something not quite right on this swampy cursed island, and after having my fortune told, I can’t leave.  

I try to escape, but Benny, an all too charming ghost gangster tries to kill me by feeding me to a tiger. 

Thankfully I’m rescued by Samuel, the incredibly hot ringmaster who can’t be a day over twenty. Can he? 

In addition to avoiding the human scorpion, staying away from the big cats, and having trouble figuring out who’s dead and who’s alive, I have to find a way to escape this horror show. Will I get out of the circus alive or will I join their army of ghosts and become a murderer myself? 

Welcome to the Circus of the Dead. 

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Whispers of the Walker

by E.E. Holmes

Something whispers in the shadows...

From E.E. Holmes, author of the award-winning Gateway Trilogy, comes the first in the highly anticipated companion series The Gateway Trackers. It’s been several years since Jess and Hannah Ballard foiled a cataclysmic prophecy that could have destroyed their fellow Durupinen, an ancient clan of women who allow spirits to cross between the worlds of the living and the dead. The girls swore, after the devastation and chaos they endured, they would never get caught up in the inner workings of the Durupinen again.

They were wrong.

After breaking the code of secrecy and facing the judgement of the High Council, Jess and Hannah have no choice but to become Trackers, working to take down those who would exploit the spirit world for profit or power. Their first assignment takes them into the deep South, where Jeremiah Campbell, a self-proclaimed spiritual guru, lures wealthy and desperate devotees with promises of a deeper connection with the dead. As the girls go undercover, it soon becomes clear that Campbell is not merely the con artist they suspected him to be, and that they, and the spirit world they are sworn to protect, are once again in unimaginable danger.

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The Casquette Girls

by Alys Arden

After the storm of the century rips apart New Orleans, sixteen-year-old Adele Le Moyne and her father are among the first to return. Adele wants nothing more than to resume her normal life, but with the silent city resembling a war zone, a parish-wide curfew, and mysterious new faces lurking in the abandoned French Quarter, normalneeds a new definition.

Strange events—even for New Orleans—lead Adele to an attic that has been sealed for three hundred years. The chaos she accidentally unleashes threatens not only her but also everyone she knows.

Caught in a hurricane of myths and monsters, Adele must untangle a web of magic that weaves the climbing murder rate back to her own ancestors. But who can you trust in a city where everyone has secrets and keeping them can mean life or death? Unless…you’re immortal.


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The Hunt

by Frost Kay

Death marked her from her very first breath.
Being sired by a Madrid is supposed to be a blessing, but for Tempest, it's a curse that leaves her orphaned, penniless, and enslaved to a blood thirsty crown on the brink of war.
Found too unruly to become a ward of the court, she's thrust into the care of the King's Hounds - the assassins and warriors responsible for protecting the kingdom. Driven by rage and an oath to avenge her mother's memory, Tempest throws herself into training.
But becoming the first ever female assassin isn't enough. Now, she must obtain the heart of her kingdom's most feared enemy - the jester - a deadly shapeshifter hidden in a land twisted by myth and darkness.
Revenge is never easy or cheap. Tempest is willing to sacrifice everything to see justice served. Even her own soul and freedom.

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Crown of Darkness

by J.L. Weil

When the struggle between love and vengeance becomes a deadly battleground, is there any hope for salvation?

Lexi Winters’s world is falling apart. After the death of Colin, a boy she once loved, she’s damaged goods. Caught up in a life of college parties and one-night stands, the only thing that keeps her sane is hunting demons. In the dark woods near her hometown of Spring Valley, she seeks to exact revenge on all demons that stand in her way. She knows it’s dangerous to hunt alone, but retaliation consumes her heart.

As the fall equinox approaches, Lexi prepares for the biggest demon hunt of her life. This is the night when the line between the other realms and Earth is the thinnest. Little does she know that the Wild Hunt is underway. The leader of the Hunt, Ashor Clave, has one job: to collect as many human souls as possible in a single night. Not such a bad gig for the son of a powerful demon—that is until he runs into unexpected trouble with a small but feisty Divisa.

When things go awry on the hunt, Lexi is whisked off to a whole new world. Here she must decide which part of herself to be true to—the human or the demon? Swept up in an unexpected love story, she must reconcile her affections with her passion for vengeance. Lexi is teetering on a dangerous line. Ashor is the very thing she swore to kill, but then why is her heart getting in the way of what she vowed to do?

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