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Welcome to YA Books Central's "What's Hot in KU" post. This weekly event will highlight what's hot, new and exciting in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Library. 

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscription is a great way to enjoy unlimited reading on a tight budget. With over a million titles and counting, we thought a spotlight on our favorite KU hits was our logical next step in sharing the book love. Check us out on Thursdays.

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Dating the Boy Next Door (Redefining Me Book 2) 

By: Michelle MacQueen & Ann Maree Craven


What do you get when you cross a nerd with a rockstar?


I’m Nari Won Song, a Korean-American girl with glasses and an inability to speak full sentences around my peers. I know what people expect of me. 

But they’re wrong, and senior year is about to be a whole lot more interesting. 

Falling grades? Check.

A fake relationship with my jerk of a neighbor? Check. 

A secret identity as a rock star? Check. 

Something’s gotta give. 



What happens when the school’s golden boy loses the big game? 

He’s not so golden anymore. 

I’m Avery St. Germaine, and as the son of an NFL hall of famer, greatness isn’t a choice, it’s a given. 

Senior year is my chance to secure my ticket out of this town. 

An ex-girlfriend spreading rumors? Check. 

A girl next door who could be the solution? Check. 

A family  trying to keep our problems hidden? Check. 

Something has to help.


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Roman and the Hopeless Romantic

(Gulf City High Book 2)

By: Michelle MacQueen

Rule #1 of falling in love with your best friend’s sister: Be prepared to fight for her. 

Even though Cassandra Carrigan doesn’t want to be fought for. No matter what he does, she won’t speak to Roman Sullivan. Not a single word. 

When Roman’s parents move, forcing him to live with the Carrigans, he’s not sure how he’s supposed to live in a room next to the girl he’s loved for years, the girl who doesn’t want him there. 

But she has a secret, one existing between the pages of the romance books she loses herself in: Cassie is a hopeless romantic, in love with the idea of love.

When she asks him for her first kiss, he can’t say no to her, not when he wants to fall into that single moment, hoping it doesn’t have to end. 

Fantasy can’t last forever, and that version of the girl he knows is nothing but that, a fantasy. 

The battle for the real Cassandra Carrigan has only just begun, and Roman is going to prove that one kiss isn’t enough.  

Beware of lovesick hockey players, alligators playing in the rain, and a girl finding the strength she’s had all along.

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Playing the Enemy

(The Trouble with Tomboys Book 1)

By Maggie Dallen

Fake dating the new team captain? Seriously. What could possibly go wrong?

Hannah’s ex has some nerve. First he breaks up with her in a text, and now he thinks he can take soccer away from her? Think again. As the captain of their intramural team, her ex might be able to kick her off his team, but he can’t stop her from playing for their rivals.

The enemy of my enemy is my...fake boyfriend?

The fact that her new team captain is her ex’s arch nemesis? Even better. Playing for River’s team on the other side of town is the perfect payback. When her ex sees them together and gets the wrong idea... Well, what's the harm in playing along? Hannah's already learned her lesson about falling for a teammate and it's not a mistake she'll ever make again. Besides, her relationship with River is just for show—a way for them both to get vengeance on her ex. His kisses might muddle her mind, but he'll never steal her heart...right? 

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Playing to Win

(The Trouble with Tomboys Book 2)

by Stephanie Street

Rule #1? Never date a teammate!
It didn't matter my new neighbor was hot enough to melt an ice rink. I had rules for a reason. And falling for him would break the biggest rule of all. Never date a teammate. And let's be honest. It's never been an issue.
Until now.
Feisty. Fierce. Gorgeous. Jordan was all that and more. I never meant to tick her off that first day of school, but now she's all i can think about.
Too bad she hates my guts.
Can Asher change Jordan's mind about him and her rules?

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Playing the Field

(The Trouble with Tomboys Book 3)

by Christina Benjamin

Do stolen bases lead to stolen hearts? 
Tomboy Alex Prince is used to crushing her competitors, but crushing on one? That’s another story. Grant King is everything she could want in a boy; popular, handsome, funny and captain of the baseball team. Best of all, he seems to be into her. At least that’s what she thinks after their secret almost kiss on the first day of school. 
Too bad they’re about to become rivals . . .
Grant King is kicking himself for making his no-girlfriend pledge when he meets sassy transfer student, Alex Prince. Not only is she gorgeous, witty and full of confidence, she’s into baseball! She’s his dream girl. But she’s also the competition! 
Their budding romance is thrown a curveball when Alex finds out her new high school doesn’t have a softball team. If she wants to play, she must compete for a coveted spot on the boys’ team, against her would-be crush, Grant King. 
Love is a battlefield . . . or in their case, a baseball field.  
Can these unlikely enemies fight their feelings while fighting for a spot on the team, or will they break all the rules for love? 

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Dare you to Kiss the Quarterback

by Lacy Anderson

A little dare never hurt anybody...
I’m ready to rock my senior year. So what if my parents are recently divorced, the captain of the cheerleading team hates me more than tan lines, or that I’ve been forced to wear the school’s smelly mascot costume? Those things I can handle. (Maybe) But if I get to sing my original song at the town’s big centennial event, I’ll be on my way to living the life I’ve always dreamed.
But there’s only one problem:
Collin thinks-he’s-God’s-gift-to-women Preston.
Foster kid. Bad boy. And star quarterback of the Rock Valley High football team.
It’s bad enough that the whole school thinks we made out at a party (Nothing happened. Seriously.), but now I’ve been partnered with Collin to perform at the centennial event. If I get it my way, he’ll drop out and we’ll both forget our near-kiss ever happened.
But Collin and his cocky half-grin aren’t easy to forget.
Neither is the shiver-inducing way he looks at me.
I’ve got to keep my eyes on the prize, but being around Collin might just be the distraction that I need.

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Something New

by Amanda Abram

Cassie Briggs never thought she’d be married at age sixteen—especially not to Dylan Meyers, her boyfriend’s best friend. Of course, they’re not married for real. It’s just a project for their Life Economics class, where each student is randomly paired up to manage finances, make important life decisions, and deal with catastrophic events.

It was supposed to be an easy A, but now Cassie is not so sure. Getting paired with Dylan is bad enough, but then Cassie’s boyfriend Elijah gets paired with his ex-girlfriend, Hannah: the former childhood sweetheart who broke his heart. The girl who took him months to get over—if he’s ever gotten over her at all.

When the project leads to inevitable heartbreak for Cassie, she begins to find comfort in the most unexpected place: her pretend husband...her now-ex-boyfriend’s best friend...the last guy in the world she should be growing closer to. And as Elijah vows to stop at nothing to win back Cassie’s heart—despite being the one to break it—Cassie soon finds herself facing her own important life decision: does she want to give Elijah a second chance? Or could she be ready for something new? 

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My Summer Mistake

by Anne-Marie Meyer

He’s the one person I don’t want around and yet, I can’t ask him to leave.


The summer is coming to an end, and I’m barely surviving. Dad’s gone. Mom spends more time passed out on the couch than doing anything else. Thankfully, I have school and soccer to keep me distracted. Until Logan Cartwright walks back into my life. He’s acting like his family didn’t ruin mine and confusing me more than ever. I’m supposed to hate him, but he’s nice and everywhere I don’t want him to be.


I’m back home in Sweet Mountain, ready to start my life sans my parents. They’re desperately trying to save the business they took from the Davenports and have abandoned me at my grandmother’s house while they come up with a plan. Which is fine with me. When I run into Bella, I’m trying to fight the desire to fix what our parents broke. She’s distant and vulnerable. My protective instincts take control. If only I could get her to trust me, she’d see how much I want to help, not hurt.

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