Throwback Thursday: The Book That Keeps Giving

Throwback Thursday: The Book That Keeps Giving

*Contributed by Hannah Hudson, Newsletter

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Book nostalgia is one of my favorite feelings of all time. There are a few books that tug at my heartstrings, because of the deep emotions that pull me back to my childhood. THE GIVER by Lois Lowry is one such example. I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve revisited those pages, but time hasn’t dulled my reaction to the story in the slightest.



The feelings of helplessness, power, and discovery that radiate from this book, combined with such wonderment from Jonah, translated into my own desire to create stories. Lois Lowry was weaving magic, and I wanted to learn how to wield my own words.

Being an introverted homeschooler, I found summers to be a little lonely. My grandmother, realizing that books were becoming my safe place, took me to see authors at various book events while she cared for me during the summer months. The first time I went to a book conference, I was thirteen and Lois Lowry was the keynote speaker. She enchanted the audience with stories about her childhood, her writing, and best of all, her encouragement to young writers. I’m still that starry-­eyed thirteen­-year­-old who can’t stop fangirling at book events.



Reading THE GIVER, meeting Lois Lowry, my grandmother’s care for my passion of reading: ­all these things combined to create a desire for stories, especially fantasy, that I still haven’t satisfied. While I may not remember every line of the book, I remember the feelings of the words on the page and knowing that I wasn’t alone. That I could be brave, too. THE GIVER opened up my world, and I’ve never looked back. 

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