Things We Loved About Harry Potter!!

The staff at YABC are all huge fans of Harry Potter and are really enjoying this month of celebrating all things Harry Potter!! Today the staff has offered their choices for "Things We Loved About Harry Potter!" Check out our choices and then comment your choices below!!! We look forward to hearing your choices for what you love about Harry Potter!!




Alison H ~ Harry Potter is a muse who keeps on giving and giving, spawning thousands (if not millions) of fanart, fanfiction, fan videos, headcanons, and more. Inspiration due to the books touches all the fans and keeps our childhoods alive, uniting a sort-of-secret, but also not-so-secret community of people who are just like us. 



Melissa R~ I love how, be it young or old, anyone can feel the magic in its pages.



Inah P~ My favorite thing about Harry Potter is a lot of people can relate to the story and the characters, not only with Harry but to other characters as well. Also, Harry Potter was my gateway to literature, these books were one of the first few ones that I've read and made me fall in love with reading.



CJ~ I love that with Harry Potter I get to fully escape into a world that seems like magic really does exist, and if I could just find the right secret entrance, I could be a part of it all. 

The Harry Potter series made me believe in the importance of friendship and the courage to do the right thing, even when it might cost you everything.
 The world of Harry Potter is so all-encompassing. Every corner of it is filled with something wondrous. I want to get my letter to Hogwarts, buy an owl, join my house, learn spells, and drink butter beer at Hogsmeade!
Jacklin~ Favorite thing about Harry Potter, is the sense of community and belonging you get with HP fans. It's really beautiful to see.



Melissa C~ I didn't discover Harry Potter until my early twenties, but the thing that I've always loved about the series, is the complexity and depth of the story and descriptions of such a unique world. No one writes like that. Once every couple of generations we get an amazing, completely original, blow your mind story that we won't see again in our lifetime. For most of us, that's what Harry Potter is. For me, it's been one of my greatest inspirations as a writer. 



Kelly C~ I loved how humour could wiggle its way into the darkest moments.



Kayla~ Harry Potter taught me to believe in the impossible, the magical, and to have belief in myself. Without this series, I don't think I would be the reader or the writer I am today.